A Chicago-Style haircut

JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

After being in this city for two months, it was getting to be that time… Haircut time.

It can be scary letting someone new cut my locks so I did my research and found a place with great online reviews. Natural Elements Salon. The building is pretty. The staff is pretty and I left pretty happy about my new do’.

PS: My stylist’s name is Alexis and I think she rocks!
PSS: Thank you for filming Roya!

Chicago style-haircut from Jen Knoedl on Vimeo.


Jen Knoedl is Executive Producer of JenChicago Productions, as well as its enthusiastic video host. Click here to find out about sponsorship and partnering opportunities regarding travel, Chicago and entrepreneurship. Tweet Jen at @JenTravelsLife


  1. ROCK!! I’m going to be up in Chicago this weekend & Michigan for a bachelors party.
    But I may stop by Chicago after I’m done!!

    Great haircut!!

  2. Tell me Semmi, honestly, how does it look?

    …I think it is time to find your talk show ;)
    looks good Jen!

  3. Be careful, Nick… I hear those parties get ‘outta control sometimes. :)

  4. Jason, I miss you SO MUCH! That made me laugh SO HARD!

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