About Jen

Jen Knoedl is the Online Video Personality and Executive Producer of JenChicago.com, a video-based lifestyle website with a Chicago-focus. Jen is an online personality with experience in every aspect of video production, post-production and promotion. Her latest web series as “YouTubeTutor” teaches viewers to leverage the power of video, resulting in more traffic, leads and sales. Through social media, Jen has successfully grown and nurtured an engaged and loyal audience becoming the top online video personality.

Jen has partnered with many established brands such as NBC5, Chevrolet and Best Buy as well contributes to ChicagoNow.com and Examiner.com. She has been hired for red-carpet interviews, endorsements and YouTube training. You may reach her at: Jen@JenChicago.com


PS: She really, really, REALLY wants to host an international travel show, so if you can help her with that, she’d delight in getting your email.

PSS: It’s me.  Jen.



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