All I Want For Christmas Is More Travel / Updated Demo Reel

Are you listening, Santa?

I love that this time of year, it’s ok to just ask for what you want.  Of course, there are the gifts that you want or will receive from your friends and family but I’m talking about the BIG stuff.

No, not diamonds.  Not a car.  Not a $3000 purse.  Not even a pony.

I’m talking about the intangible gifts that would allow you to enjoy the coming year even more than the last.  Presents that your my heart’s desire and nighttime prayer.  The things that seem “out of reach” when you want a comfortable life.

For me, that’s travel.  I want to see the world and share what I learn and discover with interested and like-minded people.  I want to have an accent and have others politely giggle when I do something that’s “so American”.  I want to learn new languages and embrace new traditions as my experiences grow me as a person.  I want to make a glorious living doing what I love, though all the while calling Chicago, my home.

So, more travel is what I want for Christmas and the upcoming New Year…  And I’m encouraged to ask for it.

How about it?  What “big” thing do you want for Christmas?


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