Lunch at @PizzeriadaNella with @JenTravelsLife @MonikaRydz #LincolnPark

Tucked away in Lincoln Park is Pizzeria da Nella.  Monika and I enjoyed a decadent lunch including lobster risotto, caprese and my favorite… pizza.  The food was absolutely delicious and fresh.  You will not be disappointed dining here.  Check out the attached social video to see Monika and I eat way more than two women should.

Address: 1443 W Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614

Phone Number: (773) 281-6600

Pizzeria Da Nella location

Pizzeria Da Nella Lobster Risotto

Pizzeria Da Nella Caprese

Pizzeria Da Nella Pizza


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Petergof Nightclub’s Alien Invasion 2013 #Event #Venue #Holiday

The Friday after Halloween may seem like a hard night to get folks to dress up, but not if you are Petergof Nightclub in Northbrook, IL.  Connected through my friends at Paradigm Next (thanks Yana and Alex), Alien Invasion 2013 was to be my first time visiting this venue.

petergof alien invasion 2013

Petergof is a restaurant, a banquet hall, an event space and a nightclub all rolled into one great space with a big, free parking lot.  Cocktails were moderately priced at $7-$9.  The space is beautiful, well-maintained and the staff was friendly (which is HUGE for me).

Check out the attached video to see all the fun including a costume contest, gregarious DJs, girls dancing in bikinis, the mesmerizing saxophone player and more information about Petergof in general.

You can also keep up with Petergof Nightclub on Facebook for the latest event information and lots of pictures from the event.

petergof nightclub jenchicago

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Lunch @TerzoPianoChi @ArtInstituteChi with @DrHollyFurlong @JenTravelsLife #RestaurantReview


When you are looking for a spot to impress your gal pals, look no further than the heart of Chicago in the Art Institute’s Terzo Piano Chicago.  My friend, Dr. Holly Furlong suggested the sleek restaurant with large windows and after getting over the fact that I had not yet been (I know) we decided to remedy.  As you’ll see in the attached video, we very much enjoyed out meal and I would highly recommend Terzo Piano to locals and tourists alike.

Address: The Art Institute of Chicago, 159 East Monroe

Phone Number: 312-443-8650


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@TerzoPianoChicago jentravelslife food coma1

@TerzoPianoChicago jentravelslife lunch

@TerzoPianoChicago jentravelslife food

Restaurant Review: @BirchwoodKitchen #patio #brunch #byob


I gotta give Birchwood Kitchen big ups for great attitudes.  If you come here on a busy weekend, I suggest you BYOB!

Address: 2211 West North Ave, Chicago, Il, 60647

Phone Number: 773-276-2100

@BirchwoodKitchn @JenTravelsLife food

@BirchwoodKitchn @JenTravelsLife venue


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Organic & Local Breakfast at @LocalRootChi #FreeWiFi #AwesomeService

I’m in love with Local Root Chicago.  it’s close to my place, serves local and organic food and truly does have excellent customer service.  It’s a little pricier, but hey- I’m worth it.  Check out my video above!

Address: 601 N. McClurg Ct, Chicago

Phone Number: (312) 643-1145


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@localrootchi @jentravelslife food1

@localrootchi @jentravelslife resto1

Ferris Wheel @NavyPier and @Cheezborger cocktails

Every time I have a friend in town, I ask if they have A: Been to Navy Pier and B: Do they want to go again.
Is it cheesey?  Sure.  And?  What’s your point?  That’s what’s awesome about it.

You know what else is awesome?  Ferris Wheels and $6 cocktails in the most popular tourist spot in all the city.  Check out the video for all the glorious details.

Address: 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611

Phone Number: 800-595-7437

Billy Goat Tavern

Address: 430 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60611

Phone Number: 312-222-1525


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@NavyPier @Cheezborger Ferris Wheel Chicago1

@NavyPier @Cheezborger Ferris Wheel travel1

Elegance in Meats Deli in Northbrook, IL @JenTravelsLife @MonikaRydz #travel #Vlogger

On a road trip with my friend Monika, I used my iPhone to find a lunch spot that was quick, healthy and cheap.  Enter Elegance In Meats.  They got great reviews on Yelp and “deli” to me means coleslaw.  I like coleslaw these days… is that weird?

Address: 3135 Dundee Road, Northbrook, Illinois

Phone Number: (847) 480-6328


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Elegance in Meats jentravelslife deli

Elegance in Meats jen knoedl deli


@JenTravelsLife explores Indiana! #roadtrip #weekend

South Michigan and Indian are only a short drive from Chicago, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can slack on your travel arrangements.  Check out this road trip video series with Samson and Nourhy.

Magnuson Grand Hotel

Magnuson Grand Hotel @JenTravelsLife

Cambodian Thai


Cambodian Thai Restaurant @JenTravelsLife travel

Cafe Navarre


@CafeNavarreSB @JenTravelsLife restaurant


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South Bend Indiana @JenTravelsLife

Restaurant Review @D4IrishPub @JenTravelsLife @MonikaRydz #Patio #Chicago

I’ve lived in 2 neighborhoods so far in Chicago – The Loop and Streeterville.  So I know these areas fairly well and this os one of my “solid” spots in Streeterville.  It calls itself a pub, which means men and beer, so that’s good.  But that wouldn’t be enough to keep me coming back.  What does it for me is location, the patio and their green salads.  I eat a lot of salads and I am not a happy camper when I get iceberg or really even Romaine.  The greener the better for me.  And then they add “gourmet” topping and give it to you at a reasonable price.  !Me gusta!

When Monika and I visited, it was happy hour (4-6) and they have some great deal – check out the video.

Address: 345 East Ohio Street, Chicago, IL, United States

Phone Number: (312) 624-8385


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@D4IrishPub @JenTravelsLife food

@D4IrishPub @JenTravelsLife resto


@CRAVEChicago Dinner & @GizmoDesign Birthday @IrazuChicago #entrepreneurship

We all have to eat, right?  Well when you can do it with fellow female entrepreneurs who are also your friends… all the better.  As the community manager for CRAVE Chicago, I plan a host of events, and one of my favorites is our monthly social dinner.  This month, I chose Irazu Chicago because- having been there before, I knew we would enjoy delicious food and a very reasonable price.  Bonus that we had a birthday girl among us.  Happy Birthday, Lisa!


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Address: 1865 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago

Phone Number: 773-252-5687

@IrazuChicago @JenTravelsLife #CRAVESisters

@IrazuChicago @JenTravelsLife #CRAVESisters

@IrazuChicago @JenTravelsLife #CRAVESisters

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