Citizen of the World: Azhar Usman at The Joynt

I know what you’re thinking… Azz-wha?  But it’s ok.  He’s cool.  And don’t let the poster fool you- Azhar will most likely be donning a baseball cap, a hoodie and his signature Muslim whiskers when he takes the stage at The Joynt again this weekend.

I saw Azhar’s one-man show last and grabbed a little face-time with the comedian on camera.  He’s an interesting character and his fresh perpective on life and what it is to be, look and live as a Muslim in America was funny, smart and deep.

Citizen of the World will be running through October and you can get the schedule and make reservations with The Joynt here.

From the website:

 Citizen of the World is his latest creative project, after touring over 20 countries on five continents all over the planet. Given his unique cultural perspective, Usman is situated between East and West, between Faith and Atheism, between America and the rest of the world.

Support Performance Art- it ain’t easy being cheesy, ya know?

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