@Dance_OutLoud party for @BeBrightPink this Friday

I met Stacy Bennet of @Dance_OutLoud on Twitter.  Probably because I’m always tweeting about my affinity and love for dancing.  We have that in common.

What is sadly different about us, however, is that Stacy lost her mom and 3 aunts to ovarian cancer and I wasn’t even sure what “ovarian cancer” was until I met her.  They call it a “silent killer” because the symptoms are subtle at first and hard to control once it hits an advanced stage.

The good news is that instead of wallowing in fear and self-pity, Stacy, decided to to something positive about it- especially since early detection is the key.

Dance Out Loud is a movement and event benefitting Bright Pink, an organization that empowers young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer by providing them with education and support.  The high-spirited event will be held Friday, November 11 at Brownstone Tavern in Chicago.  Tickets to the events include an open bar, endless appetizers,  costumes, prizes, an event shirt (C9 by Champion) and of course, DANCING to your favorite 80s and 90s tunes!

If you need more information, Dance Out Loud is really responsive on Twitter and Facebook- and I know Bright Pink would welcome your donation even if you can’t make it to the event.

As for me- that costume contest is as good as won.

By me- that is.


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  1. Everybody dance now – yay for Brownstone!


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