Dedicate a YouTube love song until Valentine’s Day

I was listening to my iPod today and Everything I Own came on by Bread and it made me think of mi abuelita because I miss her so much still, after all these years.  And then I thought- I should dedicate a love song to her for Valentine’s Day.  And then I thought… “That might bum people out a little”.

So then I thought- I should mix it up.  And that’s when I decided y’all would like to play DJ too.  So- I want you to fill out the form at the bottom with your dedications and I’ll post them daily (I hope).

I don’t know how many I’ll post each day.  I guess it just depends on how many dedications I get.  It’ll be a game time decision.  One caveat- it’s gotta have a YouTube link- ’cause I’m visual.

Anyway, I’ll start with my first dedication to… the guy at the Starbucks across from the Tribune Tower this morning.  Why would you leave without asking me out?

The next is to an organization that helps over 18 local charities with their annual Gala called First Look for Charity at the Chicago Auto Show.  I made a video of Media Preview Day here.  And since Blues Traveler is the headlining band at the Gala (Yesss!) I dedicate Run-around to the success of ticket sales.  (Plus- it just makes me wanna bounce.)

And full circle to Abuelita.  I know you’re with me, but I wish I could hug you.

Coincidentally, the best YouTube video I could find for “Everything I Own” has Spanish subtitles, her first language.


Okay.  You’re turn.  Make your dedications on the form below.  Make someone’s day.  Don’t be a weenie.


Jen Knoedl is Executive Producer of JenChicago Productions, as well as its enthusiastic video host. Click here to find out about sponsorship and partnering opportunities regarding travel, Chicago and entrepreneurship. Tweet Jen at @JenTravelsLife

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