Have a picnic and a tour at The Texas State Capitol in Austin! (#8 of 13)

Ok, so maybe going to visit The Capitol is a little “elementary school field trip”-ish, but that’s what makes it good.  Everything at The Texas State Capitol looked just like it did when I was a youngster.  (except the metal detectors when you walk in… that’s new)   The building was finished in 1888 ala Renaissance Revival winning a national competition.  It was paid for with land instead of dollars and was crowned as a National Historic Landmark in 1986.

It really is a beautiful building and the lawn surrounding The Capitol just begs to be picnicked on.  (Side note: I wonder if those legislature guys get stressed and go outside and take their shoes off and walk in the grass like Rober Gere on Pretty Woman…  I would.)  As I arrived with my mom and 2 brothers, we were too late for any of the free tours that are available, but that’s ok- our condensed version was fun too.

So, like I said… it’s fun, it’s free, and the story of Davy Crockett never gets old.    Oh.  And remember the Alamo!

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