How to carve a Chicagoween pumpkin in 30 minutes or less

You can’t REALLY experience Chicagoween without candy, costumes and carving a pumpkin.  I just made up that rule, but I like it.  And with a moniker like JenChicago, I feel more than entitled to make up arbitrary rules about how to have fun during Chicagoween.  You’d be a fool to try to argue with me about it.

Back to the pumpkin… this was my first time carving a pumpkin on my own.  Okay- I had some help from Emily, but none from my dad or any other male.  (This is probably some old baggage about pumpkin-carving being a man’s business.)  In any case, I carved the “CHICAGOWEEN” outta this bad boy- and I had a BLAST doing it!  I want to carve another one now!  Maybe I should take orders… Hmm…

If you want to see how some other people carved their pumpkins, you can click here or here.  Also there are a FANGtastic number of free templates online that you can use, like this one and this one.

BUT- if you want a one-of-a-kind, exclusive, Chicagolicious, hand-crafted template from yours truly… you are in luck!  Here’s my free, downloadable, printable pattern.  She’s a beauty, ain’t she?  And make sure you watch the video to see “What not to do when carving the letter “A”‘

I would LOVE to see pictures of your pumpkin carving experiences.  Post it on my Facebook Page or tweet me @JenChicago, ya?

Here’s my final product.


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