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As an adult in Chicago (read: not in my early 20′s) it can be challenging to find a place to dance in Chicago that isn’t uber-superficial.  I don’t know why people stop wanting to dance as they age… this is weird to me.  I’ll never stop wanting to dance.  I’ll be an old polka lady- I can feel it already.

It seems that many people associate dancing with getting drunk.  This is a mistake.  Dancing is a natural expression of joy.  Singing is too, but more people can dance at one time than sing… plus I’ve seen karaoke go wrong- fast.

Yes- I’m talking about myself.

But I digress.  The point is, my most solid place to go dancing in Chicago is The Joynt Chicago.  The staff is friendly, the crowd is grown up and there to have a good time.  And no one ever has to wait in line, just because it looks cool to passerby’s – that’s a huge pet peeve of mine.

In cosing… I just wanna dance, Man.  You should too.


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Address: 650 N Dearborn St  Chicago

Phone Number: 312-646-0660

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  1. It’s true, many people associate dancing with getting drunk. They doesn’t know what exactly dancing is? Well said Jen!! dancing is a natural expression of joy and we should enjoy each and every dancing style without getting drunk.

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