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Like many Americans, I studied a foreign language in high school and college.  A lot of good that did me.  Sure I can get around in Cancun, but that’s because their English is better than my Spanish.

As an adult, I have increasingly felt the desire to learn another language and if possible, in another country.  Until then, there’s Multilingual Connections in Bucktown.  So far I’ve participated in classes, private lessons, community conversation and bootcamps.  My instructor, Tony Marsh is a fantastic teacher and has made learning a more streamlined process.

Multilingual Connections is a Chicago-based, woman-owned business that helps connect individuals and organizations to their communities and world through translation, interpretation and transcription services and interactive, immersive and culturally-rich language training. They are passionate about language and take pride in the quality of the services they offer. Get to know Multilingual Connections, and let them help open doors to your world!



Multilingual Connections adult

Multilingual Connections offers interactive, immersive and culturally-rich language training options for adults – whatever your needs!

Offerings include:

Weekly Classes (Romance & Specialty Languages)
Bilingual Boot Camp
Tutoring (Private & Semi-Private)

Their list of languages continue to grow and includes Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, Russian, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Greek, Japanese, Urdu and more!

For educators and not-for-profit employees who need language skills at work, they offer 20% off our Fundamentals classes and Bilingual Boot Camps.


Multilingual Connections kids

Looking to connect your child with his or her heritage? With the community? With the world as a whole? Whatever the motivation – the Multilingual Kids program is your source for convenient, culturally-rich and affordable language learning. At Multilingual Connections. At your child’s school. At your home!

Offerings include:

Classes at our center
School programs
Summer camps
School holiday camps

Interactive, immersive and culturally-rich language classes include Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese and Korean, and tutoring options include Polish, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese and more.

For more information, visit the website at

Multilingual Connections

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