Just Kickin’ it for Kids

I love playing sports. I was a cheerleader growing up and that was a TON of fun, but I understand why my father encouraged me to play a team sport. Turns out… I’ve got a little competitiveness to my personality. What can I say? I grew up with brothers (Richie and Jasey) and I had to learn to hold my own.

I looked up Chicago Sports and Social Club to see what was going down on the sports scene and found a kickball tournament fundraiser a few blocks from home. The tournament had tons of fun-loving people in like colored shirts, free hot dogs, hamburgers and, of course… the energy drink of champions… beer. And all of the money raised went to Ryno Kid Care.

Ryno Kid Care is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with serious medical conditions and their families, by providing supportive, compassionate and meaningful programming.

We had a blast making it the finals. We played well and for a good cause. That’s my kind of volunteer work. That’s just good time management.

And you can’t beat that.

Well, you could try… We could arm wrestle for it.


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  1. Great video Jen! Keep rockin it in Chicago…as if I even need to remind you.

    I hope you’re having a great time, we miss you!

  2. Where can I sign up? Looks fun!!!!!!!!!

  3. @Jason: Thanks, Buddy. We miss you terribly.

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