Keep On Keeping On: Santa Cause 6 Date Auction

For the 6th year in a row, Keep On Keeping On (KOKO) has been hosting a date auction called Santa Cause. Tim Wambach (President) and Mike Berkson (Inspiration) have been the best of friends for some years now and together, they are changing the world. Mike has cerebral palsy and so serves as the inspiration behind the KOKO mission. Tim ran from Florida to Chicago(!) a few years back to raise awareness for the then-budding charity.  Nope-not kidding.  These are some pretty cool dudes.  You can read all about their friendship turned foundation in Tim’s latest book, How We Roll.

And as birds of a feather will flock together, Mike and Tim have attracted a loyal and devoted network, with people like Dave Kunicki (Executive Director), Jonathon Keaton (actor), Les Walgreen (yes, THAT Walgreen), who all make an appearance in the video above, along with the huge team of volunteers and supporters that came out to celebrate!

To donate or volunteer, click here or you can join KOKO on Facebook.


Jen Knoedl is Executive Producer of JenChicago Productions, as well as its enthusiastic video host. Click here to find out about sponsorship and partnering opportunities regarding travel, Chicago and entrepreneurship. Tweet Jen at @JenTravelsLife

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