@LaScarola with Armando Vasquez & @JenTravelsLife #Favorite #Italian #Chicago

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times… La Scarola Restaurant is my first choice for Italian food in Chicago.  My friends Joey and Armando have been doing it right for years and it shows in the always-packed venue.

If you go by, tell the guys I sent you.  And have a shot of tequila for me.


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Tweet them at @LaScarola

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Address: 721 West Grand Avenue,  Chicago

Phone Number: 312-243-1740

@LaScarola @JenTravelsLife Italian Food

@LaScarola @JenTravelsLife Italian Food

@LaScarola @JenTravelsLife Italian Food

@LaScarola @JenTravelsLife Italian Food



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