Lost and Found: Chicago Taxi Cabs

Update:  After seeing all that people have lost, I decided to add a forum to the site.  Click here to post on the Chicago Taxi Cab Lost and Found Forum. Hope y’all find your stuff!

As I got in the cab, I remember thinking “Whoa, these seats are dark.  Don’t forget to check to make sure you have it all when you get out.”  I was on my way to drop off the black bag (housing the wireless and very expensive microphone and system that a friend let me borrow) and a little gift for the loan. When I arrived at The Joynt, Friday night, I saw some people that I knew standing outside.  I excitedly told them “Hi!” as I paid the cab driver. I got out of the cab, went inside and up the stairs. As I started talking to Erich, my mouth dropped open in the realization that I had left the (over a thousand dollar) borrowed mic in the cab. I didn’t get the cab number or even the cab type. I’m not even sure about the color.  I thought the cab was white. One of the guys standing outside thought yellow.

I have every reason to believe that the microphone and wireless system will be returned to me and then to its rightful owner, Steve.  People are good.  Things always work out as they should.

I read once that the only thing missing from any situation is what you (meaning us) are not giving.  So, I am looking for what this experience may be trying to teach me. Then, the idea hit me that if there were one centralized place with pictures of most of the cabs in downtown Chicago (with contact information), others could use my research and effort for themselves.  Whether they needed to recover their misplaced items, send a nice note to the cab company, or any other reason one might want pictures of Chicago taxis.  Feel free to add to the list or suggest taxi cabs that I may have missed.

The main number Chicago Dispatcher: 773.348.8294

Yellow Cab: 312.829.4222 (TAXI CAB)

*Lost and Found is the same location for Yellow, Checker and Blue Diamond

Checker Cab

24/7 Taxi Association:  773. 878. 8294 (TAXI)

Flash Cab 773.561.4444 & Ace Cab 773-381-8000

Globe Taxi Association  773.725.6500 (main)

772.725.6200 x:13  (lost & found)

Choice Taxi Association  773.338.9502

Koam Taxi  Association  773.973.3535

American United: 772.248.7600

2353 W Belmont Ave

Chicago Carriage Cab 312.326.2221

City Service Taxi Association  773.907.0909

Harchand S. Dwaliwal Cab  773.759.4563 (sole owner)

Tuscon Cab Company- Update: (8/12/10) this is an individual owner/cab and he has asked that his phone number be removed

Service Taxi  773.262.2163

Ready to post?  Feel free to comment below, but it’s much more readable on the forum.  Click here to post on the Chicago Taxi Cab Lost and Found Forum


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  1. I left my black iPhone 5 w/ black cover on January 31st, 2014 at 12:40 AM after being dropped from Midway airport to my Skokie in the American Taxi’s white cab that said on its windows “Midway to Naperville – $49.” The driver was from the country of Togo. I don’t know the taxi number or the name of the driver. I tracked the phone and I might have the apartment complex that this driver lives at but I don’t want to approach him unnecessarily or waste my time on this in a weird way. Dear Togo Driver, if you read this and have a conscience in your heart and mind, please call me 6306999876. I will definitely reward you for your honesty and uprightness.

    Everyone else, any ideas, suggestions, help?

  2. I was picked up at the LuluLemon store on Halsted in Lincoln Park and left my LuluLemon bag with repaired size 2 purple high waisted yoga pants in them along with a new black headband. There was a receipt in it as well, I was dropped off at 3900 N Pine Grove.

  3. Hi I was taken a block
    Clybourn train station over to bissell street. I lost a pair of pink leather gloves (coach brand) with a gold emblem on each glove. The taxi was green and orange. If found please let me know. Thank you

  4. Lost Black Leather Wallet with my ID in it. If you come across this please email me at Gundr1kt@gmail.com



  5. Aly Austin says:

    I left my black iPhone 5 with a leopard print Kate Spade cover in my cab on 3/1/2014. It was around 3am. We were picked up at Public House on State and Kinzie and dropped off on W Cornelia. I’m not sure of the name of the company. Please email me or call 440-231-2541.

  6. Very useful post. Thanks for sharing with us.


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