Lunch Review: Primebar

Jeff Willinger and Tim McDonald were wise to make my tummy happy BEFORE they asked me for a favor. Primebar is located near Randolph and Wabash and I think they have the best Seared Tuna Tacos in all the world!


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  1. dbradleykent:Having worked in Chicago for 11 years of my caeerr, I’m pretty Chicago biased. Everything mentioned here is correct. While there is an additional expense of working in Chicago, most people will find that it gets done right the first time also.However, one of the most overlooked features that I believe helps Chicago stand out over other popular cities for conventions, is the low overall cost of a selling/exhibiting trip to Chicago. There are very few, I would say it’s even rare, number of exhibitors that go to Chicago for a convention and don’t build in other sales calls around their trip. Rose mentioned the Fortune 500 companies in Chicago.In addition, draw concentric 100, 200, and 300 mile circles around Chicago, and watch the number of sales opportunities to combine with your visit to Chicago expand exponentially. You start reaching into metro areas like Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Des Moines, St. Louis, and the like. This is not a claim that can be made by other convention cities outside of maybe a New York or Philadelphia, or Washington, which also have strong labor environments.The quality of work you get in Chicago for the price, and the additional revenue producing opportunities you can attach to a Chicago exhibiting/selling experience, are World Class and should be a part of every discussion about the advantages of Chicago as an event destination.[] Reply:April 24th, 2010 at 6:18 pmWow, Brad shame on me for not thinking of the business opportunities outside of the trade show that Chicago offers. You are absolutely correct to mention how cost-effective it is for people to tack sales calls onto their visit to McCormick Place. And since Chicago allows easy access to so many additional cities within a 300 mile radius, sales calls can be made to companies in those cities very effectively and efficiently as well.Thank you so much for your comment and all of your great reasons as to why you love doing trade shows in Chicago![]

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