My Renewed Enthusiasm for Joe Piscopo #CFCA

jen knoedl joe piscopoI met Joe Piscopo a few years back through Stanley Wozniak.  The two of them have been friends since the Sinatra Days.  And when I say Sinatra Days, I mean that Stan was on the road with Mr P. and Joe was doing Sinatra impressions on Saturday Night Live.

I bet those were the days…

So because Joe is a generation above me, even though I knew him, I had never really seen him perform live.  He was just Stan’s friend.

Well I gotta tell you… Joe rocked his performances at the Chicago Film Critics Awards (Muvico in Rosemont) and it really put him a renewed light for me.  What a performer!  I was really impressed.  From his facial expressions, to his celebrity impressions, to filling empty space with clever chatter- Joe performed song after song before ending in… wait for it… the splits.  That takes heart, y’all.

We also saw the preview for his upcoming movie, How Sweet It Is at the awards show, which stars Paul Sorvino, this year’s honoree for “Commitment to the Craft“.  It really looks sweet, clever and fun.  A healthy dose of cheeseiness never hurt anybody, you know?  And it usually makes them laugh.  I can honestly say “I can’t wait to see it.”

I mean, seriously… the man did the splits.

Stay tuned for my Red Carpet interview with Joe Piscopo from the after party hosted by Perillo Auto Group.


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