OMG it’s Snoop Dogg and Far East Movement

Snoop Dogg makes me laugh.  I would not have guessed that his brand would have endured as well as it has over the years- he definitely had to grow on me, but I must admit I’m a fan.  I’m not so much one to rush out and buy his next album (due out tomorrow, March 29th) but I’d definitely buy a song or two.  I well-rounded entertainers.  He’s cool.

Far East Movement also has a new album out which includes their latest hit, “If I was you [OMG]” produced with Snoop Dogg.  If the success of this song can follow “Like a G6″- these guys are sitting pretty.

It’s Music Monday, so here’s your song for the day.

Download the song here on Amazon –>

And if you think this song is cool, you’ll probably like my travel show demo reel.


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