“One for the Money” $6 Theater Tickets on Groupon

I’m a fan of Katherine Heigl.  I think she’s pretty- but tough, fun but smart, clever but sweet, separate but equal… all the things a woman aspires to be.  #tangent –>  I’d like to add to this fan list: Tina Fey, Jillian Michaels, Wanda Sykes, Maya Rudolph, Ellen, Jennifer Lopez, the entire cast of Bridesmaids…  It’s a whole other post, actually.

Point is.  There’s a new movie coming out called “One for the Money”, starring Katherine Heigl and she’s going to be a bounty-hunter to help pay the bills.  What could possibly go wrong?

I think it’ll be super-cute, feel-good movie.  Great for a group of ladies and actually… Guys- if you want us to look dreamily into your eyes after a movie, “chick flicks” have a higher success rate than “blood and guts”.  Great for a pre-Valentine’s date.  (Yes- it’s already time.)

Check out the trailer.  Groupon is offering $6 theater tickets (vs $12) for the next 3 days.  Click the picture to order.


PS: Sooo… what are your favorite romantic comedies?



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