As I am pursuing my purpose, people keep asking me for headshots… and I feel that “school picture” nervousness…

Taking impromptu pictures at a party is one thing… Taking pictures for “picture’s sake” is quite another. Or is it?

So, long story short, I hired Jim Luning and he rocks! He loves his craft and it shows. Here is his website. I was in and out in an hour AND it was totally painless.

Here is a link to all the other pictures.



Have an AWESOME day and make some silly faces!


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  1. Ann Knoedl says:

    Jen, I love your pictures!

  2. I love YOU, Momma!

  3. Oh to be young again! I hope things are going well. The pictures are very cute!

  4. Thanks, Kristi! I miss you.

  5. You are truly amazong!!!

  6. You are truly AMAZING!

  7. I LUV the foxxhole

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