Rent a bike for $7/day @DivvyBikes via @JenTravelsLife #video #chicago

Have you seen the blue bikes all over downtown Chicago?  Divvy Bikes is helping us get more “bike-friendly” in the Windy City by offering numerous “posts” around town to pick-up and drop-off one of man’s greatest invention.  $7 gets your 24 hours.


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Phone Number: (855) 553-4889

@DivvyBikes @JenTravelsLife

@DivvyBikes @JenTravelsLife



Jen Knoedl is Executive Producer of JenChicago Productions, as well as its enthusiastic video host. Click here to find out about sponsorship and partnering opportunities regarding travel, Chicago and entrepreneurship. Tweet Jen at @JenTravelsLife

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