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I’ve lived in 2 neighborhoods so far in Chicago – The Loop and Streeterville.  So I know these areas fairly well and this os one of my “solid” spots in Streeterville.  It calls itself a pub, which means men and beer, so that’s good.  But that wouldn’t be enough to keep me coming back.  What does it for me is location, the patio and their green salads.  I eat a lot of salads and I am not a happy camper when I get iceberg or really even Romaine.  The greener the better for me.  And then they add “gourmet” topping and give it to you at a reasonable price.  !Me gusta!

When Monika and I visited, it was happy hour (4-6) and they have some great deal – check out the video.

Address: 345 East Ohio Street, Chicago, IL, United States

Phone Number: (312) 624-8385


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