Script for SAUCE: October 28

*hearing impaired*

[VIDEO]  Pirates of the Caribbean: start believing in ghost stories (about 2:30 in)


*jump on to screen*

Ahoy, There!  I’m Captain JenChicago and I intend to commandeer this show.  You may as well stand down.  Savvy?  I will not be denied.  Just ask these two boys from Jersey.


[VIDEO] Jersey Boys Intro



Those guys are amazing!  I saw Jersey Boys for the first time on Saturday with Stan and the Giglios and we were all blown away by the outstanding performance!  Did you know that “Can’t take my eyes off you” was at first considered a “weird song” that almost never saw the light of day.  Check out these goody-goodies as they watch one Franki Valli’s early performances. 


[VIDEO]  Frankie Valli



*Doo-bee-doo* The show was so good! I couldn’t even sit still in my chair!  And I had to call my mom at intermission to tell her “thank you” for teaching me how to sing Sherrie for the 3rd grade talent show.  Look!  I think I even have the Jersey Boys dance down too! *pump*


[VIDEO] Big shot (3 minutes in)


Um… no.  The show is only expected to run until January 10th, so go see them soon!  Ron Onesti- thanks for the awesome seats and happy anniversary once again to Jim and Anne.  27 years, huh?  *COUNT*  So what, you guys were in kindergarten?


And now, for something a little smaller. 


Little baby packets of sauce.


Sauce packets * ( like sauce packets )

1        CLTV’s anchor Monica Schneider was in this week and though we can’t confirm reports, someone said she was in doing research on the swankiest Joynt in Chicago… and that sounds true enough to us.

2        State Rep Susana Mendoza held her fundraiser here last week and though I’m still not sure what a State Rep does, I’ll tell you this… that little lady smells good.






3        I made a new friend this week!  I on the Scene’s, Irene Michaels and I enjoyed martinis and plenty of interruptions at Gibson’s Monday night where the 42 Club honoring of legendary Chicago Bear Sid Luckman enjoyed dinner upstairs.  The place was crawling with silver foxes and they all stopped to talk with the gorgeous and gracious Irene.  You can check out her a-list celebrity site at

4        Thanks to Roger Young, over at the WIT hotel for the help last week with Joe Piscopo. You know he’s spoiled now, with that room, right?

5        DJ Boogie Man rocked out the Retro Room on Friday.  I don’t know how he did it, but one minute we were dancing to some Shakira and the next we were swaying and singing “that’s amore”  He’ll be here again this Friday- and so will we.


[VIDEO] This is Halloween


*sing along* Arrg!  It’s coming!  Halloween is coming and it’s going to be so fun, we’re going to need plastic surgery to remove the smiles from our faces!  All four rooms will be filled with spirits, music, characters, and more!  We’ll hold the costume contest around midnight in the Grand bar, and someone is gonna win a party for 15!  No, you don’t have to wear a costume, but if you don’t you have to buy the rest of us drinks.  Hey, I don’t make the rules.  And get this… even Stan agreed to wear a costume this year!  I know some of you will come just to see that!  I won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s gonna be BAAAd!

Need some last-minute costume inspiration?  How about Balloon Boy or maybe the Sham-wow guy?  These sleeve-faced costumes are super easy if you happen to have any record albums lying around.  Coming as Kayne and Taylor Swift would be a fun couple idea… Well, maybe not for Taylor.  Michael Jackson, Lady gaga-you still have time to put it together.  Unless you want to be a man-sized fully functioning iphone… yeah… you’re probably too late for that.

[VIDEO] Iphone costume


Tonight, Wed, October 28th Lincoln Park Young Professionals are hosting their Dalmore Scotch Event, here at The Joynt.  From 6 to 8, enjoy a wide array of food, 15 year old Dalmore scotch, Skyy martinis, imported wine, the list goes on.  RSVP to

And later tonight, Karen Kovach, Tiffany Junta and I are hosting a “Let’s learn the Thriller dance”, downstairs in the Retro Room tonight!  We’ll teach and practice with music both Wednesday and Thursday night staring at 7:30pm.  DJ Jack is dying to play Thriller on Halloween and we can’t think of a more appropriate year to celebrate MJ’s famous dance. Get more information on our FB page or just float in… unless of course, you’re scared.


[VIDEO]  Thriller



[VIDEO] scream  (?)






Got talent?  Let’s see it!  Here’s your chance to audition for the new reality show,“ Piscopo’s Joynt After Dark” being put together by Joe Piscopo,*(guest host) Don Novello (Father Guido Sarducci) Jimmy “The Hat”, Ari Golan, Matt Gaven and Stan “The Man” Wozniak.  Call or email the Joynt *(JenChicago, Shovel Productions)  for a time slot on Tuesday, November 3rd and come out to audition for the guys.  Be a member of the casted audience, perform stand-up comedy or impress us with some other type of variety act!  Anyone have a dead-on Father Sarducci impression?


[VIDEO]  Father Sarducci (4:30 in)




Bill Zehme- you will definitely have to come in and walk the plank

Joe Hoh 

Michael Joseph Morrison (age 25)

Anthony Morre,  NBC ST

Brad Altman, 

Danielle Barrera, NBC

Jessi Odenbach (age 27), 

The Money Smart Guy, Matthew Sapaula, 

Ezra Olano (age 29), 

Joynt security, Pete Testa

Fred Altstadt, 

Vincent Friedel,(29)

Artie Zaban ,

Kinga Savic (30)

Anrea Princess

Wallace,Lew Langer (31)

Freddy McCaffery,

John Blandino (1)

Melissa Lynn (2)

Adam Iuliano (3)

April Rose Haydock,

Rob Kleiman 

Aleck Whaley

And Chef Llyod here in the kitchen- he makes a means spicy grilled shrimp


Aye, Maties.  Alas, I’m finally off to find more booty.  That’s pirate for treasure… which is Chicagoan for booty.


[VIDEO] Time warp


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