Script for The SAUCE: December 10, 2009

[video of intro with tim and mike]

Keep on Keeping On
• Mike and Tim KOKO buddies, I first met Tim at Maven’s date auction when I was being auctioned off, and then I met Mike for an interview at The Gage. He’s funny.
• [video of interview w mike]
• Tim called me and asked me to MC, with Jason Keaton. I agreed and we had an amazing date auction.
• Among singles auctioned off were:
o Ashley Bond, Miss Illinois 2009
o Kyle Jennings, Country Music Star (Straight from Nashville!)
o Duffy Atkins, WGN/CLTV WeatherTeam
o Mookie Lee, Contestant from Survivor Fiji
o Sarah Vargo, Publicity “Maven”
o Casey Urlaucher, Bon V Chicago CEO
o Rob Pritts, author of From CP to CPA: One Man’s Triumph Over The Disability of Cerebral PalsyI
• You can still donate at keep on keeping
[video fly like a “coupon”]
Steve Schlagman created the company. Like Groupon. The site officially launched in January, but to get you all hyped up and the group ready to go, steve is giving away 2 laptops. He already gave the first one away to this guy- [video of laptop guy] So, head over to and sign up! It will be the gift that keeps on giving all year and you may even win a laptop! Basically, it helps local merchants who need customers and customers who need to save money in this economy. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Snowball Party
• Thursday, December 10th from 6-8 at the Knickerbocker Hotel
• Stan and I are on the inviting committee along w a great group of Chicago
• [video: be our guest]
• 3 fashion runways, over 40 holiday boutiques, cocktails, and maybe dancing?
• Free admission w an RSVP to a red carpet
• After party at The Joynt to coincide with the Yelp after party

• Thursday, December 10, 2009 9:00 PM – Friday, December 11, 2009 1:00 AM
• Elite Urban Winterscape After Party
• Thursday, December 10, 2009 9:00 PM – Friday, December 11, 2009 1:00 AM

Wednesday, Decemeber 16 in the Piano Room hosted by James Payton

Jokes at The Joynt
Tuesday was the first installment of jokes at the joynt, take a peek… [video] We had a blast and we have another one coming up with Joe Piscopo, live and in person, December 29, so mark your calendars now!

Santa Dance
Ho-Ho-Ho! If you missed seeing Santa and his helpers dance at Steve Green’s party, you missed quite a treat. Peep this. [video Steve’s party]
Thanks to Karen Kovach, Nicole Price, Michelle Reed, Michelle Molina, Staci Diamond, Frances Shoemake and Sarah Vargo for helping Santa out with the Dance. You can find that video in it’s entirety on AND guess who is heading to the Joynt this Friday night for a repeat performance? [video: elf] you can catch a live performance this Friday at The Joynt. *cheers* Midnight-ish with all my sassy helper and maybe even a few new ones! Pictures and shots afterwards.

Brunch and ice skating
Hey Kids! The ice skating rink is open. So this Sunday, Dec 13, some of us are meeting for brunch at 11am at Yolk in the South Loop. Bring Champagne and we’ll order the strawberry-orange juice and stuff ourselves! Then head over to the ice skating rink where I hear Santa is scheduled to make another appearance! They have skates you can rent there and if you haven’t gone ice skating with a mimosa buzz… you don’t know what you’re missing.

This past week:
Friday, Rebecca came in with her girlfriends, Mary Beth, Lisa, Cat and Chrissy and though I thought they came to see me, they may have come to see our new handsome bartender Tony. In any case, we dance up a storm in Retro. Had fun dancing to DJ Boogieman [video: DJ boogieman] My Pal and Check Please Producer, Doug Operzedek also showed up to spin us around a bit and talk to Stan and Paul about his upcoming project.

Blues Dance w Doug
On Tuesday, December 15, Shirley King, B.B. King’s daughter, is performing here at the Joynt to be featured in Doug’s short film. Shirley was a fixture here until she had to go on medical leave. But she’s back and ready to be featured in the short film about Blues Dancing. We’ll start shooting around 9, so if you wan to be an extra contact Doug at, or just pop by to be part of the action Tuesday night.

SAUCE Public Service announcement
Check the cab before you get out! Thousands of phones, gloves, wallets and cameras are lost when you’re all bundled up!

Gift giving idea
Personalized ornaments. Thoughtful and easy to have a few extras on hand.

We are family at The Joynt. Best place to party. Plan to be here. I’m planning a ball drop though I’m still not sure how to do it. Deal or no Deal.

See flyer

Get Credit
[video of coupon dancing w LL’s song]
Good credit is making a comeback I took my first step in just getting my credit report and it was a mess. I learned from Elizabeth and Steve that the only spot that is really free to get your report is Annual credit I’m learning all kind of new tips about credit as they are walking me through their process. Call ***** or check them out at getcredit It’s the perfect time of year to see what’s what with your credit.

I want to take this time to tell you about a new item on the menu, this season. Dark chocolate Sea Salt caramels. You get 6 in an order, or 5 if you give me one. We have some other yummy desserts and savory bites on the menu too!

And now, please help us in wishing our friends a happy birthday.

And that’s it for now. Until next week… I’m going to get on of the Santa Cause bachelors to tell you…


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