Script for The SAUCE: Oct 14, 2009

*Start w GhostBusters intro*

Hey Everyone, I’m JenChicago and you’re watching *mouth “the sauce” and once waiting for it* From weddings, to mugshots to meals on wheels, we have a lot to cover. So sit back, relax and get SAUCED with us.

Ladies- you know how it is. You spend all this money on a Halloween costume and then you never get the chance to wear it again, because the next year comes along and you have found an even BETTER costume to take a million pictures in, so last year’s costume dies a slow death in your storage closet… But not anymore! This is my Snow White costume from last year and in the spirit of Halloween, I am bringing it back from the dead. And though 6 of the 7 dwarfs are missing, my favorite one is here to be my guest host. You wanna apple, Sam?

We booked our first round of inmates this weekend (mostly just the usual suspects) and there’s one thing we know for sure… we’re gonna have to get a much bigger board. Yes, I thought a board 2×5 feet would be plenty of space but for the *count* third time in my life… I was wrong. I admit it. So we’re going to call this the beta version until the full monty gets here. Oh but when it does *toes fingers and look up*

By the way, thanks to Pete Wentz over at Angels and Kings for setting the light bulb *insert picture of having an idea w bulb above* off in my head when I saw theirs… *cough out: ours is going to be better*
*bubbles* The Joynt hosted its first wedding reception on Saturday and all I can say is… “THAT is how you throw a reception party! Congrats to the beautiful Bride Margarita and Groom Eddy- thank you for sharing your special day with us. *just remember* Oh. And we have a little confession *small fingers* to make… THIS sauce *voiceover* we make in-house. The marinara sauce, we just ordered it in from the experts. If you haven’t tried to sauce that Armando and crew make over at La Scarollo… *Italian* “What’s the matter with you?!?

There’s something funny going on in River North on Tuesday, October 20th. Sarah Vargo of Maven and Fred Farris of Key Management are hosting Stand Up Against Cancer which benefits local charity Imerman Angels, amd we’re hosting the party here at The Joynt. The show starts at 6:30 and features a list of talented comedians along with headliner Kira Soltanovich, from Girls behaving Badly and The Phony Phone Booth on the Tonight Show. Check this out. [VIDEO]

By the way, you do not have to dress up for the Monster Mash Bash on Halloween. Stan made it very clear to me that party-poopers, I mean people… should feel comfortable coming in without a costume. Having said that, just in case you are on the fence… we came up with 5 reasons you SHOULD consider dressing up for Joynt Halloween Party.

1. You can enter the costume contest and win a party here for up to 15 people… just in time for the holidays!
2. 10 years from now, you’ll look back and say “I was a pretty hot pirate back then” and you’ll be glad you dressed up in 2009
3. It’s a well-known fact that by dressing up on Halloween, you have anywhere from a 10-15% increase in your chances of making out. And for most of you, that’s a good thing.
4. When someone asks you, “Who are you supposed to be?”, you’ll take it literally, have an epiphany and the answers to all of your quandaries will come to you in a flash.
5. You are a human being and you have the amazing opportunity of choosing your own costume… Some people *head nod to Samson* don’t.
6. It’s fun. I promise.

And if that’s not enough, some of our friends banded together to make this for you [VIDEO] We have one more version of the mash bash, so if you love rock and roll- be one of the first 5 to comment.

The Meals on Wheels Celebrity Chef ball is once again at Macy’s this Friday and I don’t even have a dress yet… but I do have a superhero costume… *hmm* Anyway, tickets are still available and here’s a little clip of me interviewing Stephanie Izard, the first female to become Top Chef. Let’s keep in mind that this was before I discovered white balance on my camcorder. [VIDEO: 32 seconds in Macy’s]
I can’t think of a better Halloween to learn the Thriller dance, can you? *[VIDEO] Check out this video taken in Jackson’s home weeks after his death* Was that mean? I actually screamed and jumped when I saw it. Anyway, learning the thriller dance is like all the rage and you should totally check out Thrill the to see what a sensation it has become! *clear throat* That’s why, this *Tuesday* before the comedy show I am teaching the dance to anyone who wants to learn it. You can come in casual gear and we’ll meet downstairs in the retro room. And then… [VIDEO or me dancing] Thriller

Are you rich and looking for a new way to celebrate these shorter, colder Chicago nights? Get a Duxiana bed and pillow! Last week , I went to their open house promoted through Chicago Magazine and I won $600 worth of pillows! Thanks Guys! I love them! *whispers* $600 Bengis turns out to be 2 king pillows but boy, are they fancy! And did you know that you can test lie one of their beds in a private room for up to four hours?! No word on whether couples are allows.

*I ain’t afraid of no sauce… yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah*

Purple tie day Last Saturday was purple tie night in the Joynt but Stan and I were the only 2 to get the memo. This Saturday is… mmm… I’m not sure yet. Hang tight. We’ll send a memo.

Are you ready for some birthdays?

Jerry Bryant,

Nick Luedde tasting room

(age 33), Todor Krecu

15 – Amber Lee Simonitch (age 30), Brian Sherman (age 43), Carlo De, Michelle Molise, Sandra DeLeon, Trent Willenberg (age 34)

16 – Eric Hoffhines, Kelsi Bartley

17 – Joe Schneider (age 34), Justin Loeloff, Saeed Khalifa (age 24)

18 – Barbara Rozgonyi, Harvey Daniels, Joanna Pena-Bickley, Randy Kravitz (age 54), Richard Pearlman (age 53), Waled B Jaber (age 22)

19 – Danny Woods (age 40), J.D. Gutierrez (age 34), Jennifer Gorski, Sue Sowinski Schneider

And a special thank you to Michelle Joseph who celebrated quite a birthday with us here this past weekend.


Jen Knoedl is Executive Producer of JenChicago Productions, as well as its enthusiastic video host. Click here to find out about sponsorship and partnering opportunities regarding travel, Chicago and entrepreneurship. Tweet Jen at @JenTravelsLife


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