Script: The SAUCE, November 11

[VIDEO] This is Gary V…
*wine in hand*
Hey Friends, I’m JenChicago and that was Gary Vanerchuck. Gary was recently named the “Social Media Sommelier” by ABC News and was here last week on his CRUSH IT book tour, hosted by my friend, Kelly Olexa at the Doubletree Hotel. Gary V, is the host of “Wine Library TV” and has amassed fame and fortune with his popular video blogs. Here’s a clip of his latest appearance on Conan:

[VIDEO] ~5:12

*downing the rest of the wine, wipe face w sleeve*
Aww man, I love drinking with those guys! How are my teeth? Cool? Ok. So, Gary signed 2 copies of his book, and since I’ve already ready mine, this copy goes to the first person to comment on and of course you can buy it online. Whatever you do, we hope you Crush it!

This Thursday, some of the top leaders in social media will depart Miami and embark on a 4 night western Caribbean cruise. Among Social Fresh Cruisers, will be social media gurus Chris Brogan, Greg Cangialosi, Jason Keath, JenChicago… What? I’m going! Oh my goodness, I don’t even know what to say… I mean, I haven’t even started to pack or anything! Wow, Ok. So I guess by the time you’re watching this video I’ll be all like…

[VIDEO] ~ :42 *write on video “lonely island”

*laugh or big smile with “bing sound”* CHANGE SHIRT TO FRONT

You can follow our adventure on Twitter by searching #socruise, and I’ll try to post to Facebook as well. And just to prove that I really will be missing y’all… Guys- you can mention “So Fresh Cruise” at the door for no cover this week. Ladies, there’s never a cover charge for you.

• This past Friday, Lt. Governor Candidate, Thomas Castillo hosted his fundraising birthday party in The Lounge while attendee and Social Media Guru, Philip Nowack, helped to organize this: [VIDEO] Fun!
• Cook County Commissioner, Mario Moreno is GONNA party down and raise funds for himself on Thursday…
• AND Senator Rowland W Burris is fundraising this Friday from 5-8. Bend the ear of your Senator while you enjoy open bar, appetizers and, of course, live music. Mental note: Might not want to get too SAUCEd before you tell him your plan on how to fix health care.
• Friday is the 13th has one more fundraiser going on
• [VIDEO:] Whoa.. easy. There’s nothing scary about raising money for a great cause like… The Peapod project supporting families dealing with illness and loss of a child. From 6:30-9:30 they’ll be in The Retro Club with cocktails, snacks, gift baskets and more!
• Thanks to the Queen of Rush Street, Cathy O’Malley and May Algarin for dropping in and hanging with us. We love Gibson’s.
• I’ve got great news! I just saved a ton of money when my cab driver dropped off the wallet I left in the backseat to me! Yes, it’s true and it happened to me last week. Mr. Mystery Man Cab Driver… I salute you. And I promise to pay it forward.
• Saturday was “Ladies night” as gal pals, Theresa, Michelle and Sarah came out! We laughed and we danced the night away bouncing from room to room. Here’s a little taste of what Dakota & The Deep City Band had going on in the Piano Bar. [VIDEO] And after that “Moondance”, Andrew, from Fatt Finger, who plays at The Joynt on Tuesdays hopped up onstage and gave us reason to be “Superstitious” [VIDEO]
• A 2008 winner for Best Musical is also The Local Tourist’s pick of the week. Mel Brook’s newest play, Young Frankenstein is alive and giving audiences a monstrously good time at The Cadillac theatre. The show runs until Dec 13 and ticket may be purchased at Broadway in [VIDEO or flash clip of website]]
• This week , Sesame Street celebrated it’s 40th anniversary with a huge party in NY and by naming 64th and Columbus, 123 Sesame Street. In honor of our beloved childhood show, let’s watch on my favortite characters sing about one of my favorite subjects
[VIDEO] “C” is for cookie”

And now a word from our sponsor: [on screen: attention elves]
Are you bored? Are you tired of making the same toys day after day? Do you need an outlet to express yourself through Do you feel unfulfilled even after you have hit your quota for toy making? Do you want to be a part of a “Christmas miracle” through the medium of dance? Them have we got a deal for you!

On Wednesday, December 2, you can be a part of my dance troupe as we perform at Steve Green’s Holiday party! It was so much fun last year and this year we will even kick it up a few notches and then break it back on down! *BAM!* Practice will be the preceding 2 Wednesdays November 18 and 25. More info on how you can jingle what your Momma gave ya on the Joynt’s group page. Come be part of the Christmas miracle! [VIDEO]

• Next week , The Joynt will begin an interactive game on the SAUCE called “Who’s your Santa?” Using hints and clues you can win fabulous prizes as you uncover the hidden identity of our Secret Santa for the week. It may not be who you think, so talk to as many local celebrities as you can this week and be uber-prepared for next week’s show as we ask… “Who’s your Santa?”

• If you are free next Tuesday, on your lunch break, let me know and come be part of The SAUCE. I’ve had a variety of people help me by shooting, holding script, laughing at my corny jokes and just being a fun energy to have in the room. Check out the Facebook invite by searching “the Joynt Chicago”

• Want to know the secret SAUCE? Our Buddy, George Daniels is setting up a deal to have Jamie Foxx shoot his radio show here Friday November ****. More details on this “secret sauce” next week.

• This is a section I’d like to call… “We think this is cool and wanted to show you” It’s more of a “working title” than anything, but whatever. So- yeah- This guy made a whole music video with movie clips. It’s really cool! Check it.

What time is it?
[Happy Birthday]
Ah, yes, it’s birthday time! Happy birthday to our friends…

Ok- that’s it for now. Until next week *say it with me whisper* You stay SAUCEY Chicago!

Booper? Oh and one more thing… “I’m on a boat”

• Bing with a decision engine
• Shout out board with opinions
• Clues
o Starting next week, 1 hour drink package for up to 20 people

o Split

• Roll credits with split screen
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  1. italianwinelovr says:

    I love GV…he is so inspiring and uplifting and proves good old hard work gets the job done! CRUSHIT

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