Script for The SAUCE: December 10, 2009

[video of intro with tim and mike]

Keep on Keeping On
• Mike and Tim KOKO buddies, I first met Tim at Maven’s date auction when I was being auctioned off, and then I met Mike for an interview at The Gage. He’s funny.
• [video of interview w mike]
• Tim called me and asked me to MC, with Jason Keaton. I agreed and we had an amazing date auction.
• Among singles auctioned off were:
o Ashley Bond, Miss Illinois 2009
o Kyle Jennings, Country Music Star (Straight from Nashville!)
o Duffy Atkins, WGN/CLTV WeatherTeam
o Mookie Lee, Contestant from Survivor Fiji
o Sarah Vargo, Publicity “Maven”
o Casey Urlaucher, Bon V Chicago CEO
o Rob Pritts, author of From CP to CPA: One Man’s Triumph Over The Disability of Cerebral PalsyI
• You can still donate at keep on keeping
[video fly like a “coupon”]
Steve Schlagman created the company. Like Groupon. The site officially launched in January, but to get you all hyped up and the group ready to go, steve is giving away 2 laptops. He already gave the first one away to this guy- [video of laptop guy] So, head over to and sign up! It will be the gift that keeps on giving all year and you may even win a laptop! Basically, it helps local merchants who need customers and customers who need to save money in this economy. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Snowball Party
• Thursday, December 10th from 6-8 at the Knickerbocker Hotel
• Stan and I are on the inviting committee along w a great group of Chicago
• [video: be our guest]
• 3 fashion runways, over 40 holiday boutiques, cocktails, and maybe dancing?
• Free admission w an RSVP to a red carpet
• After party at The Joynt to coincide with the Yelp after party

• Thursday, December 10, 2009 9:00 PM – Friday, December 11, 2009 1:00 AM
• Elite Urban Winterscape After Party
• Thursday, December 10, 2009 9:00 PM – Friday, December 11, 2009 1:00 AM

Wednesday, Decemeber 16 in the Piano Room hosted by James Payton

Jokes at The Joynt
Tuesday was the first installment of jokes at the joynt, take a peek… [video] We had a blast and we have another one coming up with Joe Piscopo, live and in person, December 29, so mark your calendars now!

Santa Dance
Ho-Ho-Ho! If you missed seeing Santa and his helpers dance at Steve Green’s party, you missed quite a treat. Peep this. [video Steve’s party]
Thanks to Karen Kovach, Nicole Price, Michelle Reed, Michelle Molina, Staci Diamond, Frances Shoemake and Sarah Vargo for helping Santa out with the Dance. You can find that video in it’s entirety on AND guess who is heading to the Joynt this Friday night for a repeat performance? [video: elf] you can catch a live performance this Friday at The Joynt. *cheers* Midnight-ish with all my sassy helper and maybe even a few new ones! Pictures and shots afterwards.

Brunch and ice skating
Hey Kids! The ice skating rink is open. So this Sunday, Dec 13, some of us are meeting for brunch at 11am at Yolk in the South Loop. Bring Champagne and we’ll order the strawberry-orange juice and stuff ourselves! Then head over to the ice skating rink where I hear Santa is scheduled to make another appearance! They have skates you can rent there and if you haven’t gone ice skating with a mimosa buzz… you don’t know what you’re missing.

This past week:
Friday, Rebecca came in with her girlfriends, Mary Beth, Lisa, Cat and Chrissy and though I thought they came to see me, they may have come to see our new handsome bartender Tony. In any case, we dance up a storm in Retro. Had fun dancing to DJ Boogieman [video: DJ boogieman] My Pal and Check Please Producer, Doug Operzedek also showed up to spin us around a bit and talk to Stan and Paul about his upcoming project.

Blues Dance w Doug
On Tuesday, December 15, Shirley King, B.B. King’s daughter, is performing here at the Joynt to be featured in Doug’s short film. Shirley was a fixture here until she had to go on medical leave. But she’s back and ready to be featured in the short film about Blues Dancing. We’ll start shooting around 9, so if you wan to be an extra contact Doug at, or just pop by to be part of the action Tuesday night.

SAUCE Public Service announcement
Check the cab before you get out! Thousands of phones, gloves, wallets and cameras are lost when you’re all bundled up!

Gift giving idea
Personalized ornaments. Thoughtful and easy to have a few extras on hand.

We are family at The Joynt. Best place to party. Plan to be here. I’m planning a ball drop though I’m still not sure how to do it. Deal or no Deal.

See flyer

Get Credit
[video of coupon dancing w LL’s song]
Good credit is making a comeback I took my first step in just getting my credit report and it was a mess. I learned from Elizabeth and Steve that the only spot that is really free to get your report is Annual credit I’m learning all kind of new tips about credit as they are walking me through their process. Call ***** or check them out at getcredit It’s the perfect time of year to see what’s what with your credit.

I want to take this time to tell you about a new item on the menu, this season. Dark chocolate Sea Salt caramels. You get 6 in an order, or 5 if you give me one. We have some other yummy desserts and savory bites on the menu too!

And now, please help us in wishing our friends a happy birthday.

And that’s it for now. Until next week… I’m going to get on of the Santa Cause bachelors to tell you…

The SAUCE: Leftovers, Jokes at The Joynt and New Year’s Eve!

Script: The SAUCE, November 11

[VIDEO] This is Gary V…
*wine in hand*
Hey Friends, I’m JenChicago and that was Gary Vanerchuck. Gary was recently named the “Social Media Sommelier” by ABC News and was here last week on his CRUSH IT book tour, hosted by my friend, Kelly Olexa at the Doubletree Hotel. Gary V, is the host of “Wine Library TV” and has amassed fame and fortune with his popular video blogs. Here’s a clip of his latest appearance on Conan:

[VIDEO] ~5:12

*downing the rest of the wine, wipe face w sleeve*
Aww man, I love drinking with those guys! How are my teeth? Cool? Ok. So, Gary signed 2 copies of his book, and since I’ve already ready mine, this copy goes to the first person to comment on and of course you can buy it online. Whatever you do, we hope you Crush it!

This Thursday, some of the top leaders in social media will depart Miami and embark on a 4 night western Caribbean cruise. Among Social Fresh Cruisers, will be social media gurus Chris Brogan, Greg Cangialosi, Jason Keath, JenChicago… What? I’m going! Oh my goodness, I don’t even know what to say… I mean, I haven’t even started to pack or anything! Wow, Ok. So I guess by the time you’re watching this video I’ll be all like…

[VIDEO] ~ :42 *write on video “lonely island”

*laugh or big smile with “bing sound”* CHANGE SHIRT TO FRONT

You can follow our adventure on Twitter by searching #socruise, and I’ll try to post to Facebook as well. And just to prove that I really will be missing y’all… Guys- you can mention “So Fresh Cruise” at the door for no cover this week. Ladies, there’s never a cover charge for you.

• This past Friday, Lt. Governor Candidate, Thomas Castillo hosted his fundraising birthday party in The Lounge while attendee and Social Media Guru, Philip Nowack, helped to organize this: [VIDEO] Fun!
• Cook County Commissioner, Mario Moreno is GONNA party down and raise funds for himself on Thursday…
• AND Senator Rowland W Burris is fundraising this Friday from 5-8. Bend the ear of your Senator while you enjoy open bar, appetizers and, of course, live music. Mental note: Might not want to get too SAUCEd before you tell him your plan on how to fix health care.
• Friday is the 13th has one more fundraiser going on
• [VIDEO:] Whoa.. easy. There’s nothing scary about raising money for a great cause like… The Peapod project supporting families dealing with illness and loss of a child. From 6:30-9:30 they’ll be in The Retro Club with cocktails, snacks, gift baskets and more!
• Thanks to the Queen of Rush Street, Cathy O’Malley and May Algarin for dropping in and hanging with us. We love Gibson’s.
• I’ve got great news! I just saved a ton of money when my cab driver dropped off the wallet I left in the backseat to me! Yes, it’s true and it happened to me last week. Mr. Mystery Man Cab Driver… I salute you. And I promise to pay it forward.
• Saturday was “Ladies night” as gal pals, Theresa, Michelle and Sarah came out! We laughed and we danced the night away bouncing from room to room. Here’s a little taste of what Dakota & The Deep City Band had going on in the Piano Bar. [VIDEO] And after that “Moondance”, Andrew, from Fatt Finger, who plays at The Joynt on Tuesdays hopped up onstage and gave us reason to be “Superstitious” [VIDEO]
• A 2008 winner for Best Musical is also The Local Tourist’s pick of the week. Mel Brook’s newest play, Young Frankenstein is alive and giving audiences a monstrously good time at The Cadillac theatre. The show runs until Dec 13 and ticket may be purchased at Broadway in [VIDEO or flash clip of website]]
• This week , Sesame Street celebrated it’s 40th anniversary with a huge party in NY and by naming 64th and Columbus, 123 Sesame Street. In honor of our beloved childhood show, let’s watch on my favortite characters sing about one of my favorite subjects
[VIDEO] “C” is for cookie”

And now a word from our sponsor: [on screen: attention elves]
Are you bored? Are you tired of making the same toys day after day? Do you need an outlet to express yourself through Do you feel unfulfilled even after you have hit your quota for toy making? Do you want to be a part of a “Christmas miracle” through the medium of dance? Them have we got a deal for you!

On Wednesday, December 2, you can be a part of my dance troupe as we perform at Steve Green’s Holiday party! It was so much fun last year and this year we will even kick it up a few notches and then break it back on down! *BAM!* Practice will be the preceding 2 Wednesdays November 18 and 25. More info on how you can jingle what your Momma gave ya on the Joynt’s group page. Come be part of the Christmas miracle! [VIDEO]

• Next week , The Joynt will begin an interactive game on the SAUCE called “Who’s your Santa?” Using hints and clues you can win fabulous prizes as you uncover the hidden identity of our Secret Santa for the week. It may not be who you think, so talk to as many local celebrities as you can this week and be uber-prepared for next week’s show as we ask… “Who’s your Santa?”

• If you are free next Tuesday, on your lunch break, let me know and come be part of The SAUCE. I’ve had a variety of people help me by shooting, holding script, laughing at my corny jokes and just being a fun energy to have in the room. Check out the Facebook invite by searching “the Joynt Chicago”

• Want to know the secret SAUCE? Our Buddy, George Daniels is setting up a deal to have Jamie Foxx shoot his radio show here Friday November ****. More details on this “secret sauce” next week.

• This is a section I’d like to call… “We think this is cool and wanted to show you” It’s more of a “working title” than anything, but whatever. So- yeah- This guy made a whole music video with movie clips. It’s really cool! Check it.

What time is it?
[Happy Birthday]
Ah, yes, it’s birthday time! Happy birthday to our friends…

Ok- that’s it for now. Until next week *say it with me whisper* You stay SAUCEY Chicago!

Booper? Oh and one more thing… “I’m on a boat”

• Bing with a decision engine
• Shout out board with opinions
• Clues
o Starting next week, 1 hour drink package for up to 20 people

o Split

• Roll credits with split screen
STORYTIME with JenChicago

The SAUCE: Halloween is over, but KISS is ALIVE 35!

I think I have done better jobs of editing. I was trying to make this video concise but I didn’t really script it that way, so I think there are spots where my face changed before I cut the scene up and I can see it. Every week, I’m trying new things and some old things are getting scrapped. It’s such an evolution.

I wanted to find a way to promote our holiday parties without being too “pushy” and “boring”, so Santa seemed like a good solution. What do you think? In any case, shooting the Santa part was fun and I already have a request to perform another Santa dance at Steve Green’s Christmas Party this year. I am planning a full-on performance with elves and everything!

This week the video was also more personal especially with all of the Halloween parties going on, and me being in all of my pictures. I wasn’t sure if people would be interested in that, but it seems it’s going over pretty well!

Theresa gave me her “TLT pick of the week” and will continue to do so, moving forward, so that’s a new addition… Hmm… What else? Oh! I’m posting late this week because Joe Piscopo was in town and we were working on all kinds of pre-production stuff for The Joynt After Dark. I’m excited about the idea of being the “Girl on the street” doing interviews and all.

Okay, that’s all. I’d love your feedback and I love your guts!

SAUCE Script: November 5

Hi everyone, I’m JenChicago and you’re watching The SAUCE. We had a very full week, last week so let’s get into it, shall we?

Starting Wednesday, Tiffany Junta, Karen Kovach and I hosted the learning of the Thriller dance downstairs in the retro room. We were joined by Steve Green, of course, Angela Woodward, Sarah Vargo John Abels, Chris Mahlmann and Michelle Reed. We practiced until we were sweaty, ate some pizza and then remembered to commemorate the union of fun with a picture. I love you guys for playing with me! Meanwhile, upstairs, Stella Foster of the Sun Times chatted with “I on The Scene’s” Irene Michaels, birthday girl Roni Siegel, and Irina Kaiser. The classy ladies had such a good time listening to Kenny and the Deep City Band, Stella mentioned it in her Sun Times column . Mm-hmm. If you don’t know what you are missing on Wednesday nights, here’s a taste. [video of Kenny singing]

In the words of Stella Foster, on a Wednesday night. “That’s a jam!”

Then, Thursday night, Chef Lloyd and I are discussing the menu when Junta rolls in. Tiffany is one of my many smart and pretty friends and is also the Director of Sales over at Devon-yum!- So once she hears of the impending menu redesign, she whips off her jacket and 4 hours later, we have a new menu called “small bites for late nights” and it even includes dessert. Mmm! I love it. And so will you.

So then, the Halloween celebration started off on Friday and one of the highlights has to be DJ Jack dressed up as Stan. He had the slicked back hair, the draping tie, and even walked around with a snifter of Crown Royal. Only the “die hards” dressed up on Friday, but Saturday was a different story…

First of all, Stan and Paul’s costumes didn’t make it here in time, even though I paid $40 in priority shipping and the site said it would. There was only ONE site that had sheep costumes, which I found rather odd, but anyway, it’s in the past and I have every confidence they will refund ALL of my money, yada-ya, but… in the meantime, I was short 2 black sheep costumes and knew I would have to MAKE costumes! More like “I wanted to” but whatever. So, I come up with a plan that consists of black sweat suits, with socks for ears and black batting all over. Batting is like stuffing for a quilt, so of course, you can’t buy it at your Walgreens or 7-11. No problem. I go to Michaels and buy WHITE batting. Then I beg Stan to buy me some contraband black spray paint with his commercial account. Long story short, I spray painted the batting on Paul’s costume first and shortly realized those guys would be high as a kites with a killer headache if I made them wear spray paint all night. But it would have looked cool. So Stan was a good sport and let me sew some ears and a tail on a hoodie as he took Theresa, Karen and I to Ari’s party. BTW, Ryan and Jack- you guys owe me $5 a piece because anything with ears definitely counts as a costume.

So, The Graveyard Millionaire Party!! What an amazing concert of coordination and attention to detail! Ari, dressed as Wolverine had multiple bands, multiple rooms, great decorations and EVERYONE was dressed up, which made it incredibly fun! Awesome party, Ari! My birthday is in June.

So, with a good buzz, and Stan as the designated drive, who had apparently had enough of costume-time, we all came back to The Joynt and had a blast with new friends, old friends and some people that we will probably never know the true identity of! Birthday Boy, Bill Zheme came by along with prisoner/CBS news anchor Jim Williams. He doesn’t look sad at all about being captured does he? DJ Architect was sweet enough to play Thriller for 5 girls who practiced for 2 days but apparently couldn’t seem to remember what comes after the third round of head-snaps, so they just made some stuff up at the end. I guess we should have drank while we practiced too. Oh well, it was fun and we looked cute trying, so everyone cut us some slack and clapped anyway. Ahh! What a night! We want to thank everyone who came out, and “double dog” thank you to everyone who dressed up! We all had so much fun looking at each other and taking pictures. I have got to give a huge shout out to Batman characters Zach Cox, Justin Buhmann, Michael Fox and James Helgerson. You guys TOTALLY made our night!

Well, Halloween IS over, and the smell of Thanksgiving turkeys are beginning to waft in the air, and YOU know what the means…
[santa costume]

• Ho-ho-ho!
• Hi Santa!
• Hello JenChicago!
• What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be getting ready for Christmas?
• Ho-ho-ho, I’m not like you… I don’t wait until the last minute to do everything. [tap on head] Yes, I found time to swing down and deliver to the good people of Chicago an early present. The gift of knowledge.
• Cool.
• Because you know, Jen, many people are beginning to plan their holiday parties without the foggiest idea of where to begin. And since I host my “elf appreciation party” here at The Joynt, every year, I thought it quite Christian of me to share the good news.
• Thanks Santa!
• Now, Mrs. Claus and I always rent out the entire bar, but I’m rich and I can do that… What everyone else may not know is that each of the 4 rooms can be rented out individually for groups of 20 to 200. Parties, fundraisers, game night, toy making… whatever! And for smaller groups, table reservations are available in each room after dinner, or the play or the office party. You can invite everyone in your town of who-ville to come join you for a night of music, dancing, food and cocktails. Everything you need to entertain your group, is already happening in The Joynt!
• Wow, Santa! That’s great! I couldn’t have said it better myself.
• Well… I went to college.
• (confused)
• Okay, well Rudolph is standing in a tow zone outside, so I better go, but remember: Holiday parties. At the Joynt. Any size group for Santa-sized fun. And that’s it! Oh- and BE GOOD! Gotta fly!
• Um… ok… goodbye Santa. Thanks again! (whistfully) I love you.
• I’m Kris Kringle, and you’re watching The SAUCE.

As you can see from my backdrop, last night, we had an open casting call for comics and variety acts for Joe Piscopo’s, upcoming show The Joynt After Dark. There were ALL ranges of talent and skill and we want to thank everyone for their time and for having the… *hand motion* courage(?) to go for a dream. Even Joe hopped up on stage for a bit. We had a lot of fun with ya’ll… right Joe? [get joe to say- you are absolutely right, jen *looks down at paper* BTW, I think Stan and Paul should quadruple your pay.”] Nice. See? Joe knows what’s up.

SAUCE packets: a little taste of everything
• Congratulations to my sweet friend Rebecca Jane Hanson who just started her new job as a commercial litigator… whatever that means.
• Last week, Congressman Danny Davis hosted a successful fundraiser PLUS Angela Orlando and gals were the life of the party while they celebrated her bachelorette party here… What can we say? The Joynt is a great place to have a party! DJ Boogieman, rocked out the Retro Room on Friday night again. It’s like a grown up dance party, down there and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!
• Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Thomas Castillo, is hosting a fundraiser at The Joynt this weekend and here’s the best part… it’s doubling as his birthday party! Yup- This Friday, from 8-10 the little slugger is celebrating his 33rd birthday AND officially filing his nomination petitions. So, for a minimum donation of $20 you can come hang with Mr. Castillo and see if he’s “WINDY” enough to blow out all 33 of those candles! Hmm… What do you think he’ll wish for? [pic of Thomas w caption bubble- I win!]
• Have you been rocking out with KISS for the past 35 years? The Local Tourist pick of the week is “KISS alive 35” tour coming to Chicago this Friday. The concert celebrates KISS’ 35th anniversary. If you make it out to the concert, come tell us all about it afterwards, since I’m sure you’ll keep on shouting…

And now it’s time for some birthdays!
[clip: happy birthday pic w audio]

1. Angie Vasic Tants
2. Anthony B. Abbinante
3. Anthony Coppolillo
4. Ashley Shea
5. Bill Demis
6. Christopher Clark
7. Dave Andrews
8. David Lawrence,
9. Elizabeth Mendez
10. Glenda Watson Hyatt
11. Grant DePorter
12. Jack Killackey
13. Jason Erkes
14. Jennifer Gamberale
15. Jennifer Perucca
16. Kimberly Tremmel
17. Lenny Skorcz
18. Lynda Gears
19. Michelle Alegria
20. Mookie Lee
21. Paula Riggins
22. Ray Doeksen
23. Robert Mudd
24. Ryan Steele
25. Sarah Evans
26. Thomas Castillo

And that’s it for this week’s edition of the SAUCE. Until next week… you stay saucy, Chicago!

Yelp Holiday Party!

JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

On December 11, Yelp hosted their 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland Cocktail Soiree at Architectural Artifacts… and it ROCKED! If you missed this one, get on the website and start yelping, so that you don’t miss the next one!

From the website:

Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great (and not so great) in your world. You already know that asking friends is the best way to find restaurants, dentists, hairstylists, and anything local. Yelp makes it fast and easy by collecting and organizing your friends’ recommendations in one convenient place.

Yelp Holiday Bash! from Jen Knoedl on Vimeo.

Cocktails provide by:
Barefoot Champagne / Poinsettia
Between Lounge / Hot ‘n’ Dirty
Blackbird / Anejo Smash
Blue 13 / X’s and O’s
Bull & Bear / The Broker’s Breakfast
Chaise Lounge / X-Miss-tini
Encore Liquid Lounge / White Winter Pear
Jbar / S’more-tini
May Street Market / Nectar Martini
MK / Adlib
Uncommon Ground / Winter Tree Tini
Zed 451 / Cranberry Spiced Old Fashioned

Santa shakes it like a Polaroid picture!

Santa shakes it like a Polaroid picture! from Jen Knoedl on Vimeo.

Crave Holiday Shopping Party!

JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

Last night I attended a huge girl party at the Chicago Cultural Center.  Girls rock.

For more information:

Crave Holiday Shopping Party! from Jen Knoedl on Vimeo.

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