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When I decide to show someone the “Viagra Triangle” this is usually the spot that we spend the most time.  It’s such a see-and-be-seen restaurant, they state a 2-hour limit on your dining experience (at least during brunch).  It’s understandable.  People (and by people, I mean me) would sit around all day just hoping to catch another glimpse of Vince Vaughn crossing the street.  Geez, he’s handsome.  And a great dancer too…

The point is- there is some serious people-watching going down at Tavern, day and night.  Though a great steakhouse restaurant in its own right, locals probably know it more for its nightlife and singles scene.  If you are looking to make some new friends, you’ve come to the right place.  Feel free to dress to impress and be prepared to “get your flirt on“.

#JenTips for travelers and locals at Tavern On Rush:  

  • @tavernonrush @jentravelslife martiniThey have Tito’s vodka!  (Shout-out ATX!)
  • 30+ upscale, good-looking crowd
  • Cocktails are pricier here, but pretty ladies rarely have to pay for their own
  • Lots of egos here, even bigger than yours
  • Don’t drink too much… the washrooms are a steep flight downstairs
  • The cocktail waitresses are hot and usually nice

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