The Race was ON for City Chase Chicago 2009!

JenChicago, NBC Chicago Street Team

Last Saturday, my teammate Kristin, and I explored Chicago in the World’s Largest Urban Adventure Series, City Chase Chicago, and Matt was there to catch the excitement on camera!  From jumping hurdles, to strutting the catwalk, the race challenged our bodies, minds and… well, sneakers.  The race started at 10am on Saturday, August 22 and concluded promptly at 4pm.  We went “all out” for 6 hours straight and now, 3 days later, we are still sore.  But it’s that good kind of “I did something really awesome and it’s totally worth it” sore, you know?

Watch the adventure unfold here!

The Race is ON for City Chase Chicago 2009! from Jen Knoedl on Vimeo.

PS: Thanks again to Chicago Sport and Social for sponsoring our registration for the City Chase and to The Joynt, Retro Club and Piano Bar, for sponsoring the video coverage.  Sponsors rock!


Jen Knoedl is Executive Producer of JenChicago Productions, as well as its enthusiastic video host. Click here to find out about sponsorship and partnering opportunities regarding travel, Chicago and entrepreneurship. Tweet Jen at @JenTravelsLife

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