The SAUCE: script for January 21, 2009

Song: Bulletproof

Dakota intro

Aww, SNAP! Hey Everyone, I’m JenChicago and welcome to The SAUCE. So Dakota there is another one of my super fun friends that I’ve met at The Joynt and when I asked him to guest host The SAUCE, [moustache: obviously he said could not resist]I looked up his story online and found out all kinds of stuff about him! He started singing at 2, professional by 5 and got Sinatra handkerchief and blessing before he could even walk around the block by himself! It’s a cute story, you should ask him about it. Oh, and he sang at the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston wedding and the Sopranos Emmy party []… AND he sings at The Joynt. (Raise eyebrows) Yep, last week was fun hanging with Dakota AND that wasn’t the ONLY fun thing that happened last week…


Well, last week Joe came back in town to continue promoting “After Dark with Joe Piscopo” The guys covered Roeconn, WLS – Mancow, Medill News Service, Today’s Chicago Woman [], Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine… The list goes on, but suffice it to say, millions of eyes and ears saw and heard all about it. And if you love Chicago like I do, you gotta cheer for a fun new television show born and bred in a little place called Chi-town! [Homecoming song] Side note: I decided we need some more dance songs about Chicago. Musicians… get crackin’ eh? We can’t let NY have more fun, can we?!?

Anyway, after all that excitement, we all went to dinner… Stan, Jimmy, Ari, Joe, Jessica, Matt Gaven, Mike Motchsman, and birthday boy, Jim Pesoli who is the coolest, although technically the only, entertainment lawyer I know. So we got him some tiramisu and sang Happy Birthday to him. I’d let y’all hear the full audio but the tequila shots decided to help me sing louder than really necessary and… let’s just say, I’m no Dakota.

I’d would like to blame Armando for all of the saucey fun I had at La Scarola, but I did kinda ask for it in the last edition of The SAUCE [insert SAUCE] and then he kicked it up a notch and presented me with my very own bottle of Golden Tequila. Isn’t it lovely? I like to think of it as a Golden Tequila award for my hard-hitting SAUCE reporting. [Acting like it is an award. Crying. /// push up like trophy]

All kinds of golden awards were given out last week and though the winners in Hollywood can’t drink their awards like I can, I think they were still pretty stoked to get a Golden Globe. If you missed it, here’s the nutshell version.

Ricky Gervais hosted a great show being funny, clever and brave. The Hangover and Glee won best comedy in their respective categories. I was stoked to see Jeff Bridges finally get a Golden Globe for “Crazy Heart” [whisper] even though he’ll always gonna be The Dude to me. [] Robert Downey Jr. was sweet and funny in his speech for best actor in Sherlock Holmes, as was Sandra Bullock, for her role in The Blind Side- which is SO my kind of movie and I TOTALLY recommend it! And then Avatar’s James Cameron cleaned house with best director AND best motion picture. There’s talk of an Avatar 2 and I’ve already submitted my headshot for consideration. [jenchicago picture fade to avatar] *growl*

[Golden Globe]

So last week I was totally expecting to see Ellen on American Idol, and I don’t even watch IDOL really, but I adore Ellen. So turns out, she doesn’t start until February, so… she wasn’t there… but you know who was? General Larry Platt with some good advice…

Ok, ok… who do you think does it better? Me?

[me sing pants on the ground]

Or Brett Farve?

Both good, right? How’s your version? Let’s see it! Send me a video link with YOUR rendition of “pants on the floor” and I’ll put it in next weeks SAUCE, unless of course you’re scared because you got your… pants on the ground [clear throat]

Um… anyway, so where were we? Ah yes… upcoming events.


Ok, I’ll give you a hint… He wrote Auld Lang Syne (the new years song), he’s Scotland’s national poet, and it’s his birthday Monday, January 25. Give up? It’s Robert Burns, Silly! Alright, even if you STILL have no idea who this dude is, the gang at Drinks over Dearborn do, and they are celebrating with a scotch-tasting. For $15 you will taste six different Scotches (some of them pretty pricey) and different national foods. Kyle will be there so you can congratulate him on their write-up in the latest issue of Food and Wine Magazine! Go to for details.

On Wednesday, January 26, you can meet the experts and look better with’s Resolution 2010 party! From 6-9 at The Sofitel Hotel guests will enjoy cocktails, wine, hors d’oeuvres, mini-spa services, wellness experts- it’s gonna be good. Go to for ticket information and score yourself one of the goody bags valued over $250!

CELLIST IAN MAKSIN is having his Solo Flight CD release party at The Joynt, Thursday, Jan 28. Ian has been playing since he was 6 and has been all over the globe and all over musical genres, from solos, to orchestras to P Diddy! [] Anyway, here’s a sample of Ian’s original music. You might wanna close your eyes for this. [] Isn’t that lovely? So join me at The Joynt on Thursday in supporting musical art and getting some of that culture we Chicagoans love so much. By the way- there’s no cover, drinks specials and valet.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the girls and I are planning a party at The Joynt on Friday, February 12. We’ll have more details next week, but we DO know that it’s gonna be a blast and we’re suggesting Valentine’s attire. Huh? Whatever you want it to mean…

And if you are in a Staycation State of Mind…

Check out couples massages at Aniko Salon and Spa. I’ve had massages there from Sylvia and, let me tell ya, it’s a little slice of heaven all on it’s own, BUT couples Sessions include chocolates, roses and wine, champagne or mimosas! PLUS, if you prebook by January 31, Aniko will give you $20 off. It’s a romantic Staycation for your mind, your body and your sweetie-pie. Aww…

Staycations, to me are cathartic [DEFINE] and planning these little Chicago adventures, is such a joy for me, it’s too big for The SAUCE. So, I’m going to start another series of videos that’s all about Chicago staycations. I don’t have a name for it just yes, but sometimes you just gotta start. Plus, it has been suggested that I shorten The SAUCE 8sniff* (it’s ok) so making the two series separate just makes sense. Cherry One is working on my website and that will make things a cleaner and easier to find. But until then, thanks for sticking with me. I really do appreciate it.

Ok, enough rainbows and butterflies, let’s get to the tweets of the week…


  • Paul’s back in town from his polar bear hunt in Latvia, Riga. He didn’t bring any polar bears back… just a wife… oh and lots of chocolate.
  • Polish your spoons- January is National #Soup Month! Celebrate at Basil Leaf Café with their Gourmet Creamy Tomato Basil soup. It’s delish!
  • Just drank my daily cup of aloe vera juice w OJ. Slightly weird taste but worth the health benefits! Google it.
  • Dreamgirls is playing at The Cadillac Theater but only until January 31! Guys- THIS is another EASY one!
  • FACT: The octopus is the most intelligent animal in the world that does not have a backbone. [Oh, I could go so many ways with this...]

This last one is a retweet (DEFINE RETWEET… pronounced just how it looks and it’s a verb and it means to tweet a message that someone else originally tweeted)

  • RT @melissapierce: @Oprah, know who should have her own show? @JenChicago her enthusiasm & love 4 life is infectious & a pleasure 2 watch!

Thanks again, Melissa. That was a very sweet tweet. If YOU have suggestions for tweets of the week, send me an email with your tweet (140 characters or less) to

And now let’s see who’s having a birthday this week in Chicago…

Happy Birthday, Everyone. May all your wishes come true.

Ok, friends, that’s it for this week, so I’ll leave you with a suggestion… Even if you do activities that you often do, do it with a Staycation state of mind this week- it’ll make a FUN of difference! So, until next week… [video hot tub]


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