The SAUCE script: January 8, 2010

GUEST INTRO: Mom and Jason

Christmas in Austin

And then I missed my plane. *bad news sound* Hey Everyone, I’m JenChicago and welcome to The SAUCE. That was my mom and brother, Jason helping with the first guest intro of the New Year! I went home for the holidays to hang with the fam in beautiful Austin TX. They took me to Chuy’s para fajitas. [picture] And yes, Jason is wearing shorts in December. We went for walks and took pictures in other people’s lawn. We rolled down hills and challenged each other to hang upside down. Dad made chocolate chip cookies from-scratch almost every night I was there, and let me tell ya- these cookies are the edible epitome of love. [define epitome with sound and text on screen]

Main Entry: epit·o·me

Function: noun

2 : a typical or ideal example

And if all that wasn’t enough, then they took me dancing. Check out my brother, Rich and me cuttin’ a country rug at Coupland Dance Hall. [video] Wipe dirt off shoulder

And then Christmas rolled around. Actually Christmas came early for me when Stanta Claus gave me a Kindle. [looks off camera] StantaClaus… Yeah, that’s right. What don’t cha get? Who do you think takes care of things when Santa needs a deal to happen? [tap brain w click sound] So back to my Kindle… Well, if you don’t know- it’s a wireless reading device created by Amazon. It can hold a ton of books, magazines and blogs and it’s light as a paperback. You can make notes and highlight and as long as you have it, you’ll never have to be bored waiting for someone. Reading IS fun, Mom. It’s not just a grammar school slogan. It’s the truth. [Mischievous smile] Oo- and my parents got me a Ninja, smoothie/chopper/mixer thing with double blades! It’s perfect for me because I make smoothies a lot and when I do, people tell me all the time that I look just like a ninja. Check it. [VIDEO mouth: “I made this smoothie with my ninja blender. Fruit is really easy on your system, so it’s a great breakfast option to keep you light on your toes. Just check your teeth for seeds when you’re done.]

[karate chop w sound] Anyhow, I could go on and on about my adorable family and sweet ninja moves, but we have two weeks to cover and we have to save some room for all the excitement that happened last week with Joe Piscopo!


The day after I returned back in Chicago from Austin, we sell out both shows of Jokes @ The Joynt- with Joe Piscopo himself opening up for each show. Ben Mahoney is editing the footage now into chunks per comics, so we’ll let y’all know when those videos are up. David Leornardis and Sarah Cooley were in the house Tuesday night, as well, shooting their talk show “Chit-Chat” and scored some primo interviews with Stan, Joe, Bill, Jimmy, and ME! The morning after the comedy show, was Joe’s media tour, and it started PRETTY early in the morning. When WGN says “morning news”, they aren’t kidding. Somehow we all managed to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed despite the time – and I was extra exuberant, this being my first media tour and all! My official title was photographer… Oh- and videographer… and a couple of times I was the hop in the picture-er… Which, I think I’m pretty good at.

Anyway, Joe performed his much-loved Sinatra classics and was also interviewed by WGN’s Paul Konrad, who did a great job. Joe’s right hand, Jessica, spotted Heather McDonald in the hallway and us gals snagged a picture on our speedy way to the next stop.


That right there is real footage of “Stan the Transporter” getting Joe and the rest of us across town. Call me a square, but I’m pretty sure some of those “streets” weren’t intentioned for cars. I thought for sure Joe was donating a kidney or something, but as it turns out, Stan just doesn’t like to be late.

We arrived at Fox EARLY where we met up with Jimmy the Hat, Jim Pesoli from Kids Fighting Cancer, and Reid Tillinghast from Germania Place. Anchors, Kori Chambers and

Nancy Loo were really fun to watch and I know Joe had a great time with their interview.

After Fox, we all got a short reprieve before heading back out to Comcast SportsNet. We saw Lou Cannelis in the hall and had to snag a pic with him, before entering the meat locker, David Kaplan calls a studio. Brr! It was cold in there! Joe did his part to heat up the conversation with talk of After Dark, SNL days with Eddie Murphy, finding broads and… hockey. Umm-hmm- brought up hockey the day before his home team, New Jersey Devils, would be crushed by the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center for NYE. [song] So Kaplan invited Joe on air, thereby inviting us, to the game where we got seats on the glass next to Jim Cornelison who sings the national anthem beautifully for every Hawks home game.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. After Comcast we went to our spot for Italian, La Scarola where we met up with Katy and Reid from Germania’s Place. The food was amazing as usual, and a fun little treat was the IL Secretary of State, Jesse White, happened to be there and we snapped pictures with him too. We then proceeded to stuff our bellies in preparation for the big night.

The Blackhawks/Devils game started at 7 and Joe was asked to shoot a puck, as well as be interviewed on the ice by Comcast’s Sarah Kustok [koo-stock]. The puck challenge didn’t go as well for Joe it they did for the 7 year old kid before him, but hey- in Piscopo’s own words “I was that close”. The interview, on the other had, was a total score for everyone, and yet it still couldn’t drown out the sound of the SPANKING The Blackhawks gave to The Devils. Sorry Joe. [song]

After the game, we screeched away on two wheels until we arrived back at The Joynt. Joe got onstage with Steve Biossat and The Deep City Band and worked his magic for the benefitting charity, Kids Fighting Cancer. So many of our friends showed up for NYE- Karen, Tiffany, Brandy, Mike, Theresa, Bill. And- Bill also gave me this autographed copy of his Sinatra book that I have been asking for- and it’s fascinating. Not only is Sinatra quite a story, but Bill is an incredible writer… Between Bill, Joe and Stan, I’m going know everything there is to know about Ol’ Blue Eyes, pretty soon! Anyway, Bill is working on a Johnny Carson Biography now and he also writes for Playboy, which proves to me, they really MUST have great articles. AND guess what? After meeting with Joe, it looks like Bill may be a writer for After Dark, as well! The mastermind team is forming! *Dracula laugh*

So the countdown to NYE was great and the rest of the night was great, and then I slept for 3 days. And here I am now. Hi.


Things may have slowed down a little from the holidays but they haven’t come anywhere close to stopping. Piscopo is coming back to Chicago on Monday to begin shooting some on-location segments of After Dark around town. THEN on Tuesday, we are hosting a media day here at the Joynt. After Dark with Joe Piscopo will be loosely modeled after Hef’s Playboy after Dark, and it’s all coming together. So keep tuning in to the SAUCE to hear who our first guests will be!

Brr! It’s so cold out there! And though we may not be able to sneak off to a beach vacation this week, we can’t let that stop us from enjoying a winter staycation, Chicago-style! So here are 3 staycation ideas for this week in Chicago.

  • Ice skating: Tell your friends to meet you at the seasonal ice skating rink at Wrigley Field. Make sure you bring your camera in a protective case for unexpected spills on the ice. The rink is open through February and adults are $10 to skate not including rentals. Plan to hit up your favorite coffee shop afterwards for defrosting and reliving.
  • Lady Ga-Ga will be performing at the Rosemont Theatre this weekend (a last minute change from the Chicago theatre) to house the eight semi-trucks she is reportedly sending in for the show. The set production and costume changes may make this staycation feel more like we are on mars than downtown Chicago, but that’s the point! All 3 show shows are sold out, so if you wanna go at this point, you gotta “know a guy”!
  • January 19th at the MCA, is a FREE night of art and “un-lectures”. Different artist groups will present throughout the night to create a variety show-like evening. Find out more about Cabinet of Curiosity by visiting Grab a pal and get ya’self some culture this week!

Tweets of the week

For cool shirts like this fancy tuxedo tee one I’m wearing, check out Chicago’s own Strange Cargo in Wrigleyville on Clark Street.

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Hey Bill Zwecker!  Thanks for the “After Dark” plug in the Sun Times!  And congrats on your new gig with Fox!

Know Michelle Reed? Her Beautiful Blue Birthday party is at @TheJoyntChicago this Friday starting at 10 in the Lounge! Wear BLUE for a free cocktail!

Joe Piscopo and The Joynt are on page 13 of The Globe, January 11. No word yet on whether or not this is a good sign.



And now it’s time for some birthdays! Please help us in wishing our friends a very happy birthday. [pictures & song] If you or a friend has a birthday coming up and you would like us to put them in the SAUCE, please email me at with a picture attached.

And that’s it for this week, check us out again next week for another edition of The SAUCE. Until then…

[video: you stay saucey, Chicago]


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