Travel Tuesday #001

Included in this week’s Travel Tuesday video:

Just dance as you learn about air safety.  These Cebu Pacific flight attendants know that the secret is always to just dance!

Will Mendocino County become the Napa Valley of marijuana?  That’s what a featured article on USA Today Travel asks…  According to the article, California is on the cusp of approving Proposition 19 in November, which would allow them to tax and legalize marijuana for recreational use. That’s legal pot and you don’t even have to fake glaucoma.  Residents say prop 19 could light up their sluggish tourism industry.

CNN Travel says prices are up 20%-30% above last year and trying to buy it the last 30 days ain’t gonna fly either.

Sedona is the only place on earth where you can consume a Big Mac under Turquoise arches.


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  1. Emily Norman says:

    Wow girl! You are amazing. I liked your video. Can’t wait to say I remembered her when…


  2. JenChicago says:

    What a sweet thing to say, Emily! Thanks, Babe!

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