#TravelTalk Google+ Hangout with @JenTravelsLife 8/27/13 2CT

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Meet my special guests:

Alejandro Flores; Federal Regulatory Inspector for Aviation  @Alflo3000

Joseph Coureur  Travel Author  @RunningTheGlobe

Yana Nirshberg  Avid Traveler  @ParadigmNEXT


What do people ask you most related to travel? OR What gets you “fired up” about travel?

@Alflo3000 - People usually ask me what they can or can’t take on an aircraft or in checked luggage, but I can usually answer a lot of other questions.

@RunningTheGlobe - They mostly ask how I can afford it, but I actually travel pretty cheaply. Instead of decided where to go and finding deals, I find the deals and let those decide where I go.

Where is your DREAM TRAVEL DESTINATION? And why?

@Alflo3000 - I would love to travel back to Japan. Lovely place.

@RunningTheGlobe - The North Pole. Not many people have run marathons on all seven continents and the Pole.

Got an interesting TID-BIT, TIP or TRICK regarding travel?

@Alflo3000 - If you’ve seen one airport, you’ve seen ONE airport. All airports are built different, have different peak hours, and different types of personalities. The only consistent part of the equation is ME. Therefore, I plan every trip the same, plus or minus half an hour. Know the category of your airport.. The category should give you an idea of how busy the airport is. Plan accordingly.

@RunningTheGlobe - BookMyAward.com can find great business class awards. Tell them what points you have in which programs and they see if they can make it work.

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PS:  Watch my first episode in the video below!


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