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Meet my special guests:

Josh Bradshaw; Director of Friends of the Children of Haiti  

Sarah Kelley:  Health Care Practitioner 


What do people ask you most related to travel? OR What gets you “fired up” about travel?

BRADSHAW:  I started late – before age 31, I had only flown ONCE in my entire life. Since then, I’ve flown over 200 times – or 200 segments, anyway.
It’s all about the courage to click the “book now” button, and then work, beg, borrow, or steal the time off and funds to depart. The universe conspires in favor of the dreamer.
“What would you do, if you weren’t afraid?” is my mantra.

KELLEY:  Why do you want to volunteer your money and time for other people? Medical missions take me back to why I went into medicine in the first place–to help people. There are not a lot of “thank you’s” in my job anymore. Patients in developing countries really appreciate the medical care we bring to them and allow us to immediately see the impact one act of kindness can have on another human being.

Where is your DREAM TRAVEL DESTINATION? And why?

England, because it is my family’s home land. That’s a very generic answer, but it’s true.

I would love to tell you I want to stay in one of those huts on the ocean in Tahiti, but I’m afraid I would get bored in one spot too long! Italy is on my travel wish list. I would like to explore the country from top to boot, seeing the Alps, the Vatican, all of the historical landmarks and artwork, Venice, Rome, and even Italy’s little neighbor, Sicily.

Got an interesting TID-BIT, TIP or TRICK regarding travel?

BRADSHAW:  Hostels – learn them, love them, use them. Some of the most interesting experiences of my whole life happened out of chance meetings with like-minded travelers in hostels around the world. They can be loud, crowded, intense, and sometimes smelly – but it’s the sure-fire way to gain an authentic experience and be immersed in the surroundings with people from other countries and cultures.

KELLEY:  Be prepared! I carry a backpack with all of my essentials and always keep it with me on the trip. Little things, like a flashlight, some Dramamine, or a pack of gum may make all the difference in a good travel day or a bad travel day!

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