Video Buzz #001

This week on VIDEO BUZZ with Jen Knoedl –>  Steve Garfield, Merton the Chat-Roulette Piano Guy, The Social Network, Grover copying me

Rough transcript of this video:

Have you tried Chat Roulette?  Have you gotten Merton the It never takes long for someone to take a new tool and use it so creatively; you have to say out loud- why didn’t I think of that?  Chat roulette is an online video chat program that pairs you with others online randomly.  You don’t have to enter in one bit of information about yourself… and neither do they.  Viral video star Merton the Chat-roulette Piano Guy has got me super curious to try the video chat program… but only if someone writes a song about me.

The Social Network is still number one at the box office and its spawned a host of “spoofs” already.  I don’t know why everyone is being so hard on Mark.  I was only really mad about that poke thing but he apologized for that.


The full video is posted on Mashable through – which I have discovered from the comments- those out of the US can’t watch- and they’re none too happy about it.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I’m trying to look at it that way, but it’s just that- I spoofed the old spice guy, right  <VIDEO> and then Grover turns around and he spoofs the old spice guy <VIDEO>  It gets way more views- the whole bit… and I’m just  like… really?  Really Grover?  You used to be scared of monsters and now you’re all about em’ I guess… hmmm.

Ok- that’s it for this edition of Video Buzz with me, Jen Knoedl.  You can find links to articles, video and everything else I talked about at  My dream is to have a travel show, so if you enjoyed this video, please share it, link it,  like it, tweet it…  all that- with your friends.  I leave you with the video question of the week…  Are you using your phone for video uploads?

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see ya next Wednesday!


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