VIDEO: Cookie Monster to host Saturday Night Live

As soon as I saw that Cookie Monster (Sesame Street) was pitching to host Saturday Night Live (SNL), I couldn’t help but wonder… “Why didn’t I think of that?”  And then I knew… I had thought of it.  I just hadn’t done it.  No, while I was busy preparing my video marketing SNL strategy, Cookie Monster was busy doing it.

I’m not being so hard on myself- I just know that the thing that really separates people in business, love and life- is the ability to “go for it”.  And a lot of the time, just “going for it” is enough- plus Cookie is super talented, so he’s a total shoe-in! Bravo, Cookie Monster!  May you be the first blue-furred character to EVER host Saturday Night Live!  Move over Alec Baldwin and Justin Timberlake… there’s a new monster host in town.

PS: Oh- and Cookie, if you happen to talk with Lorne Michaels, could you slip him my demo reel?  There’s a big box of cookies in it for ya!


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  1. Kudos to Cookie Monster, I think he’ll do good he is the funniest Sesame Street character afterall lol

  2. I agree! It will be fun to watch the camera angles the crew has to use to include him!

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