@VirginAtlantic Launches New Kids Pack #kidfriendly


Keeping kids entertained at 30,000 feet can be a difficult task but the experts at Virgin Atlantic have come to the rescue with the introduction of a new kids pack.


Once on-board, all children under 12 are given either a red or black waterproof bag – perfect for keeping their bathing suits in once on vacation – which is full of useful and fun items for the journey ahead. The bag contains a child-sized eye mask printed with either star-shaped sunglasses, Kanye West’s style shutter shades, goggles or snorkels, warm socks with a sneaker or sandal design, a rainbow pen and a Lonely Planet Travel Journal. Also being introduced into the pack in December is a Where’s Wally? book.

Gemma Lochrie, Senior Cabin Crew at Virgin Atlantic commented: “We have so many families travelling with us and we know how difficult it can be for parents trying to keep children entertained on what can be a really long flight. We always try to make it as easy as possible and in addition to our new kids packs, we’ve put together a few simple tips to help parents arrive at their destination stress-free.”

Virgin Atlantic Kid

Cabin crew tips for families travelling with Virgin Atlantic

  • Ensure your little ones receive a children’s meal on-board by ordering one online 48 hours in advance. The meals offer plain food designed to appeal to children. Examples include: Pasta Bolognese with dinosaur pasta, yogurt tubes, Fruit Shoot juice, bags of fresh fruit and vegetables, mini Chedders, raisins, jam sandwiches
  • Although Virgin Atlantic’s award winning inflight entertainment gives kids a superb selection of the latest movies as well as their own dedicated TV channels, if you know your child has a favorite show load it on to an iPad or DVD player as this can buy you precious quiet time
  • Speak to our crew once on-board as they provide all parents travelling with children with a plastic bag – we know they generate a lot of trash.
  • Take pre-made cartons of formula which are easy to pour into bottles rather than making up the powder which is fiddly and messy.
  • Although we have a “baby-box” on board with a few diapers, jars of baby food, plastic spoons and straws for emergencies, make sure you take plenty with you!
  • Before your trip buy new toys and keep them hidden.  Get one new toy out every hour to entertain your little one and put each toy away before getting out the next new distraction
  • It’s fine for children to walk up and down the aircraft during the flight as they will get restless. Try and keep them seated and strapped in during the meal and drinks services though as the aisles can get blocked with the carts
  • Avoid giving children sugary treats and soda on-board.  It makes them more restless and fidgety and just means more trips to the restrooms!
  • Bear in mind that the toilets are always very busy at the end of the flight and are locked and out of use when the seatbelt sign goes on for landing so make sure to do your toilet trips with plenty of time to spare to avoid any accidents!

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