When #VirginAtlantic invites you to coffee… @VAAintheUSA #BeautyTeam

When you love the idea of international travel (or just love the idea of Richard Branson, for that matter)- you say “yes” when Virgin Atlantic Airlines Beauty Team invites you to coffee.

Sure- they’d love for me to tell you that they are relaunching a seasonal flight to London from Chicago, but that’s just good information for all of us to know.  I’ve yet to visit London.  How about you?  It’s arguably the most expensive city in the world and that is absolutely amazing.  So- if you have the scratch, take a jaunt to Europe on the @VAAintheUSA party ship.

Oh  and, if you fly in 2014, you’ll get to see the new #VAA uniforms.  Virgin Atlantic has just announced that British fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood, will design the airline’s new uniform for not only onboard Cabin Crew, but its staff in the Clubhouses, Spas and airports around the globe.  You can bet the new threads support the legacy of style and class that is Virgin Atlantic.  The point is, if we met for coffee I might share these two bits of information with you, so that was easy.
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I met up with @VAAintheUSA at the Intercontinental Chicago Starbucks and, as they spoke of their previous night out, we became fast friends.  The first topic was the differences in men between Chicago and London.  They inquired about the very Chicago way to say that a man has an overinflated ego.  I told them I would tell them where they should have gone next time they visit The Windy City.

“Douchebag?  As in a woman’s douchebag?”, they ask.

“Yeah.” I respond.  ”We don’t say it in Texas either and  I don’t really get the connection but when you say it in Chicago… everyone knows what you’re talking about.”

They then laughingly repeated “douchebag” SO loud in Starbucks, I literally covered my face laughing.  You could tell by their accents they were just learning the word and that I was the obvious trouble-making teacher.  We decided that “tool” was their equivalent.  I loved them all instantly.

After we got the important stuff out of the way,  we turned to “beauty in the air”.  Virgin Atlantic has their own beauty team, beauty program AND beauty magazine for their flight attendants and the team was in town on a promotion tour.  I learned so much in the few hours I spent with them.  Attention to detail is what these people are all about.  I told them it makes me think that they must be this conscientious in other aspects of their business, and thus a safer airline.

That line of thinking doesn’t necessarily translate, but I think most people would agree with me on this one.  As a marketer myself, I’m always analyzing why I feel the way I do about brands.  #VAA seems super buttoned-up, innovative and classy.

As we drank our coffee, the team asked if I would like a quick makeover before I left.  The attached videos are what happened next.  Watch to learn the eyebrow comb-over, how to line your lips, why you should wear red lipstick and a few quick and easy updos.  You may also follow the team on Twitter for more tips.

PS: Shout out to the #BeautyTeam- I had a blast!  –> Rebecca Creer – Chief Beauty Officer, Mim Allgood – make-up manager, Helen Kavanagh – hair manager with Ombi Farr and Jess McGinley – Cabin Crew


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