YouTube Tutor: Navigate the New Home Page

Have you ever gone to someone’s house or office, after they have redesigned or rearranged, and it throws you off?  Like, even after you’ve been there an hour, you get up to use the washroom and you kinda trip out on things being out of their usual place again?

Irritating, almost.  Because, you don’t even know where to look for a cup anymore.

But then, you see something new.  Something useful, thoughtful and kind.

It’s a jar with cookies inside.

“This redesign isn’t going to be so bad after all”, you say to yourself.  ”It might even make me happier, in the long run, than the way things use to be.  I’ll give it a go.”

Well- that’s kinda how the new YouTube home page is.  You’ll get used to it and this video will help.  In this YouTube Tutor video, we go through the basics of how to navigate the new YouTube home page.

Topics discussed are:

  • Layout
  • Navigational Keys
  • Channels
  • Subscriptions
  • Commenting
Let me know what you think and what you’d like to see covered in future YouTube tutorials.
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